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Customer Story
Macif call on the powers of RCS to innovate, re-engage contacts and increase campaign performance.
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Challenge: Reconnect with inactive customers and improve response rate

Solution: Develop a conversational RCS campaign to collect and update contacts

Results: Greatly improved click through rates compared to traditional SMS and email




increase in click rates vs SMS


increase in click rates vs email








With close to 5 million policyholders singing their praises (92.8% would recommend), Macif has been insuring what matters most to people since 2009 – their cars, home, health, and savings. Identifying a need to reach their customers in a more relatable way, Macif went on the hunt for a suitable partner to help them innovate.

Challenge: Innovative messaging

Macif was experiencing ‘congestion’ in their use of more traditional communication channels, so they wanted to test a more innovative approach to see what effect it might have on their return rate. Ideally, they wanted to see improvements in engagement, but they also wanted to reconnect with in-active customers in their database to see if they could rekindle any old flames and increase business.

It was key for Macif to work with a partner that could offer them the support they needed in this new venture – conversational, or two way messaging was not something they were familiar with.

Solution: Starting a conversation

Taking a more conversational, rich media approach to communications is where Sinch excel – the guys at Macif were in good hands.

After a quick chat with Sinch, it became obvious that Rich Communication Services or RCS would be the best way to achieve fast and effective results. With traditionally high open and engagement rates thanks to images and videos in message, a campaign sent using RCS had the potential to not only prompt a positive response (literally) from customers due to the familiarity of the channel but also to build trust in Macif as a brand thanks to the branding opportunities available within the platform.

Sinch helped Macif get the new style campaign up and running, supported them through the design and sending process, then assisted with the post-campaign analysis to assess the impact that using RCS as a new, conversational messaging channel had on this campaign.

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Results: Instant results

One of the key plus points for RCS is it’s sent via a channel that the majority of users are already comfortable with – the native SMS inbox. It’s this familiarity that helped boost the positive results that were seen almost instantly by Macif, the availability of a more conversational style of communication had a significant effect too.

When compared to previous campaigns that had used Rich SMS (not RCS), the click-through rate for this campaign saw an increase of 100%, and when compared to results seen in previous email campaigns, engagement levels and, click-through rates tripled.

We needed a partner that could ‘open up the chakras’ in messaging innovation, and one that could bring us a wealth of communication opportunities into 2020 and beyond. In addition to assisting us with quality of data and advising on the best type of messages to send, Sinch helped us construct a relatable scenario where we could realistically integrate images and video into our messaging program, with full design support along the way.
Christelle Boudet Zanon
Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations, Macif