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Sinch Data Verification: The new method revolutionizing UX and security

Fraud and security
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Today’s customers prefer fast, easy, and frictionless transactions. It makes sense: the less time spent entering passwords and other forms of verification, the better the experience. 

That’s why we are adding a new, password-free identity verification method to our verification suite: Data Verification. 

Data Verification simplifies user access while providing stronger login security. With Data Verification, companies can cut out the social engineering risks that come with other identity verification methods. Thanks to its secure use of mobile network intelligence, Data Verification can verify a user’s phone number against their subscriber information directly from carriers – all in under two seconds! 

Customers want a friction-free verification experience. And from there, they can achieve greater productivity as they multitask on their devices — getting real-time access, right when they need it. How is this possible? Let’s explore the functionality, features, benefits, and opportunities Data Verification provides, including how it fits into Sinch’s broader suite of identity authentication methods. 

Protect your customers and let them enjoy a smooth UX

Even small improvements to verification controls during user login or account setup can boost users’ overall experience with your business. And that difference can give you a leg up on competitors! Here are some of the user advantages Data Verification brings to the table: 

  • Super speed: Data Verification is the fastest user authentication method on the market. 
  • Super simple: Since Data Verification requires only a user’s phone number, it’s easy, it eliminates account lockouts and password resets, and it’s immune to social engineering. 
  • Super seamless: No time-consuming codes or phone access permissions – get verified in a few taps! Users who switch between multiple apps will definitely appreciate that. 

Data Verification is the superhero of authentication, offering a friction-free login or sign-up and a truly trustworthy way to share even the most sensitive data. 

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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and KPIs for businesses 

Data Verification helps you reach your KPIs and makes it easier to scale. Let’s take a close look at how Data Verification drives business benefits: 

  • Stronger security: stop fraud in its tracks, saving you money without costly and tedious backend authentication processes. 
  • Greater adaptability: simplify onboarding and acquisition processes when bringing on new users, no matter the initiative or campaign driving those results. 
  • Higher conversion rates: reduce churn and loss of users during registration; remove any duplicated signups and logins. 

Simply put, Data Verification closes the gap between what users want in a secure login experience and what businesses need to remain secure and competitive. Data Verification allows companies to comply with modern SCA requirements.  

Data Verification can team up with any of Sinch’s other verification tools — SMSFlash Call, and Phone Call Verification methods. By using this mix-and-match approach, you can optimize verification for cost, conversion, security, and global reach.  No matter your users’ preferences, location, devices, or special needs, you give them a safe and cost-effective way to authenticate. Easy!  

How user authentication works with Data Verification 

Data Verification uses mobile network intelligence—specifically, it uses SIM-based mobile phone number verification. But while all Sinch verification methods are SIM-based, Data Verification stands alone in that it relies on mobile operator data instead of OTPs. 

That’s great news for your users’ security and your business—but how does the experience actually look and feel for users? Consider this scenario for a new messaging app:  

The benefits of Data Verification often go beyond logins and registration. For example, Data Verification can perform financial transaction approvals or other sensitive user-driven actions safely and easily.  

Join our open beta for Data Verification today 

As a leading developer of authentication methods, Sinch protects data for all types of companies and user accounts. With over 3,000 enterprise customers globally, including eight of 10 of the largest U.S. companies, you can trust us with your communication and user security needs.  

Data Verification is our latest offering in our ongoing mission to deliver the best authentication security and experiences available in the world today. Now in beta, you can “get in on the ground floor” with Data Verification, ahead of your competitors. 

Want to test this new method yourself? Check out Sinch’s API documentation.

Not a developer? Connect with one of our experts to discuss your business needs