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By partnering with Sinch to incorporate conversational messaging into their offering, Sureshot is strengthening their portfolio with robust, innovative solutions designed for global, omnichannel reach – all while building a long-term relationship with a strategic partner dedicated to their success.
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Challenge: Adding global, omnichannel messaging capabilities into Sureshot’s customer engagement solutions while building a meaningful partner relationship.

Solution: Integrating Conversation API from Sinch into their platform for rock-solid conversational engagement solutions.

Results: Enhanced solution portfolio, improved sales perspectives, and a win-win technology partnership.





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Sureshot is on a mission to help marketers address complex martech challenges with smart software solutions for data management, campaign execution and automation, and customer journey optimization.

Sureshot needed a reliable partner to support them in strengthening their conversational messaging capabilities – and Sinch took on the challenge!

Challenge: Stepping up global conversational messaging with a trusted partner

In a market driven by constant innovation, great technology is a key factor of success, but so is the quality of partner relationships.

Sureshot had been working with the same conversational messaging provider for many years – a provider who wasn’t showing much interest in building a mutually beneficial relationship with Sureshot. The lack of expert support was also a source of concern as the Sureshot team didn’t have any dedicated expert to rely on and was constantly being moved from one sales representative to another.

“As a technology company, we want to work with a partner with a solid strategic vision for technology partnerships and a true desire to help us grow,” says David York, founder and CEO of Sureshot.

Another major issue was their provider’s limited global footprint for conversational messaging. With clients and prospects all over the world, Sureshot needed a partner who could guarantee true global reach.

That’s where Sinch came into the picture.

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Solution: A sure-shot way of fueling innovation and growth

Sinch is a firm believer in the idea that meaningful partner relationships are the key to growing successfully together and delivering maximum value to clients and end-users. We work with our partners’ best interests at heart, and our obsession for their success shows in the way we support them.

This philosophy, combined with a strong global footprint backed up by data centers in every corner of the globe, made Sinch a no-brainer choice when the Sureshot team decided to upgrade their solutions with omnichannel messaging capabilities.

“The integration with Sinch has been very hands-on. The Conversation API gives us a lot of flexibility for future opportunities and will allow us to incorporate omnichannel messaging capabilities into our solutions much faster than before,” York explains. “The range of messaging channels available out of the box with Sinch’s Conversation API made all the difference. We’re now able to meet our clients’ messaging needs instantly, without having to worry about global deliverability.”

The collaboration didn’t stop there. After implementing Conversation API into their own solutions, Sureshot teamed up with Sinch to create a new MMS messaging app for Oracle Responsys, in response to a growing customer demand on Oracle’s end. Powered by Sureshot, the app allows Oracle customers to send personalized, compelling MMS campaigns effortlessly.

“Sureshot has always focused on innovating the digital experience for the user, and this latest enhancement of MMS messaging fully supports that mission,” York says. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Sinch to expand the power of Conversation API as we introduce MMS messaging to millions of users.”

Results: Ground-breaking conversational engagement solutions and win-win relationships

The integration of Sinch allowed Sureshot to elevate their martech solutions and address their clients’ growing demand for omnichannel messaging capabilities.

“We feel very bullish about the potential of our relationship with Sinch and the value that we're going to be able to generate for each other,” York concludes.

“Sinch’s recent acquisition of Mailgun is also really interesting for us because we expect to see a growing demand for simple, developer-friendly email services in the near future.”

We feel very bullish about the potential of our relationship with Sinch and the value that we're going to be able to generate for each other.
David York
Founder and CEO, Sureshot