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Your gateway to omnichannel messaging

The building block API for mobile customer experience

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Trusted by enterprises globally to handle 110 billion transactions per year

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The building block of mobile customer experience

Customers want to be engaged by brands on the channels they know and love. The problem is – there’s a lot of them.

With Sinch Conversation API, it’s a problem no more. Now you can send and receive messages through the world’s most popular messaging channels – SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more.




How does Conversation API work?

Conversation API is your gateway to all the channels your customers are using. Think of it like the Swiss army knife of messaging – providing one single interface that easily adapts to all channels. You don’t have to worry about formatting requirements for each messaging channel – we do the transcoding for you. Scaling up? We’ll add new channels as they become available.



Our ever-growing directory of channels

Make the complex simple

Whatever applications you’re using – whether it’s for marketing automation, customer care, or a chatbot platform – Conversation API can be integrated into your solution. Send outbound alerts, receive inbound requests, unify contact history into one continuous chat or hand it off to an agent.

Sinch transcodes the message to ensure a high fidelity across channels. One conversation. One customer profile. One API. All the channels you need.


Easily integrates with any customer experience platform

These are just some examples

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Got questions?

Contact us or talk to your account manager about the channels that matter to you and what features you need.

Use cases

Applying conversational messaging across your business

Nissan - Boost customer lifetime value

End of funnel prospect marketing

Nissan wanted to convert and re-engage end of funnel prospects who were no longer responding to traditional email communication. Sinch helped Nissan setup hyper-customized Rich SMS campaigns, gathering information from various sources within Nissan's IT systems. The platform was then connected to Adobe Campaign to target the prospects with personalized campaigns. Customers receiving these campaigns then received an exact offer based on the information collected, including the model, price, color, and even directions to the nearest dealer to make a purchase.


conversion rate


estimated ROI

Cut costs to call center

Automating ticket processing

A media and entertainment company received many incoming calls to their contact center to process 20,000 tickets per month.​​ Challenging for their support team, a solution needed to be found. The company looked into engaging customers on WhatsApp, where they were already active. A hybrid chatbot, combining scripted decision trees with AI and Natural Language Processing​​, was created. Thanks to conversational AI, the company was able to support multiple use cases like order status, PDF ticket delivery, and event information​​. Plus, it included a seamless handover to live customer care agents when needed​.


of tickets answered by bot


cost reduction in call center

Customers of a telco company thought they were being overcharged on their first bill. The company decided to deliver unique, personalized videos to each recipient to explain their invoice. The solution was dynamically rendered at scale with no limits.


annualized churn reduction

2x NPS

highest improvement of any other marketing effort

Conversation API


Easy integration to popular channels​

Integrate once and connect to customers on an ever-growing number of channels.

Intelligent message routing

Choose the channel, the relative priority and the fallback.

Set channel priorities and fallback​

Make sure urgent messages are quickly received. Set a conditional fallback channel to ensure the user reads the message.

Message transcoding or override

Transcode between message formats to ensure your message always looks its best on the destination channel.

One contact profile for all channels​

A unified contact profile means you don't have the overhead of managing separate channel identites for your customer base.

Secure conversation history storage

Find all customer interactions across channels in a single thread, and never lose context. At the same time, have full control over message retention and deletion.

Easy integration with your product suite

Fits with your CRM, business system, or campaign tools. Customize your integration to suit your business needs.

Got questions?

Technical FAQ

Feel free to either look at our developer documentation or contact us.

Go to documentation here

The Sinch advantage

Icon All channels

All channels

• 100% reach
• Simple channel configuration
• Bring-your-own channel capabilities

Icon Intelligence


• Message routing
• Transcoding
• Add Conversational AI

Icon Personalization


• One contact profile
• Conversational context
• Rich media powering personalized content

Icon Integration

Easy integration

• Single API for all your channels
• Next-gen channel additions when available
• Integrate with any service/platform

Icon Globe

Global reach

• 110 billion transactions
• Global direct connectivity
• Trusted by global leaders

Icon Expertise

Mobile expertise

• Channel-specific compliance
• Messaging strategy
• Implementation and design


Talk to our experts

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