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Build AI bots in any language

Our SaaS platform, Chatlayer.ai, enables business users to build and maintain enterprise AI chat and voice bots in 100+ languages.

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Start conversations with Chatlayer.ai from Sinch

Create chatbots in your customer's preferred channels

Reduce time-to-serve

Automate customer care inquiries to meet your customer’s needs for fast, accurate, and reliable responses.

Increase conversion rates

Interact with your customers on their preferred messaging channels with relevant and actionable content that converts.

Create upsell opportunities

Leverage data insights and personalized messaging to turn conversations into sales opportunities.

Choose the channel that best suits your audience

Chatlayer.ai seamlessly integrates with all your channels - so your conversation can be in the right place at the right time!

Conversational designers build great bots in 123

Create chatbots in your customer's preferred channels

Add intents, expressions, and entities – no coding required

Intents, expressions, and entities are the basis of any bot project. Our AI does the rest.

Design the flows

You can use buttons, carousels, and images. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even connect with 3rd party APIs.

Deploy the bot on any channel in 100+ languages

Our AI understands 100 languages and, our bots can be deployed on any channel. WhatsApp, Messanger, Webchat, you name it, we support it.

Learn how chatbots can benefit your industry and specific business functions

Key features

An easy to use, yet powerful AI platform

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Any language

Build your bot and activate it in 100+ languages instantly. Our platform is language independent, which allows your organization to scale your bot worldwide.

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Configuration only

Whether you're an experienced bot builder or if it's your first time building bots, our platform enables business users to build bots without any coding. It is that simple!

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Analytics and Insights

With our analytics module, you'll see in the blink of an eye where the conversation is happening, how to make improvements, and how to choose the right channel.

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Powered by AI

We’ve developed our own AI algorithms to boost your conversations. Create intents, expressions, entities, and dialogs with a simple push of a button. Even when your bots are large, you can keep a structured overview.

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Fully integrated

Easily connect your bot to multiple channels and all your back-end databases and provide users with a truly delightful experience.

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Across all channels

Create conversations on multiple channels for the best customer experience, including; SMS, WhatsApp, and RCS.

Get the support you need from our partners

Success stories

The personal touch that makes a difference - from onboarding to maturity

24/7 support for employee wellbeing

EU Parliament COVID 19 bot

The EU Parliament wanted to provide always-on support to employees and quickly answer their questions. During global crisis and unexpected events, it's crucial to ensure clear and prompt communication. With HR and IT overwhelmed by a surge in requests, the bottleneck couldn't be solved by simply increasing the size of the team. Thanks to their AI chatbot, the EU Parliament offered dedicated assistance to their employees, reducing service costs for internal support.


reduction in internal service costs


intents covered by the bot

Better automation boosts customer satisfaction

Eurail travel bot

Eurail, an all-in-one train ticketing platform, wanted to make sure human agents focused on solving more complex customer questions while redirecting simple tickets toward an AI chatbot. Automated support requests have the power to improve average response time and reduce the risk of overloading support agents with repetitive questions. Eurail built an AI chatbot integrated with a Zendesk to provide human help when needed. Users experienced higher support standards and a shorter answer time for each question.


users every month


questions per year answered immediately

Automated registration and onboarding

iFood food delivery bot

iFood, an online food delivery company, wanted to improve communication between drivers, restaurants, and customers. Their fast growth brought thousands of new users to the platform, calling for a scalable solution to deal with rising ticket volumes and improve cost efficiency. The introduction of an AI chatbot allowed iFood to automate the registration of new drivers, onboarding of new restaurants, and new city roll-outs. The positive impact for end-users was measured through NPS surveys, scoring higher customer satisfaction and better efficiency.


reduction in delivery service costs

1.4 million

conversations per year

Proactive assistance to new users

Whise real estate bot

Whise, a real estate CRM company, aims to support agents through every step of a real estate transaction by using AI and automation. Their challenge was to guide users on the platform and highlight features that were relevant to them. The AI bot implemented on their website reduced the amount of “how-to” questions asked by new users, who are now given tips aimed at their specific experience instead. New flows are constantly built to better guide realtors through the transaction process.


flows built


conversations handled per month

Configure subscriptions tailored to users’ needs

Proximus online sales bot

Proximus, a telecom company offering internet, mobile, and TV services, wanted to build a configurator to simplify their customer journey. Realizing how important it is to offer packs tailored to buyers’ needs, Proximus built a web bot integrated with Facebook Messenger to help customers configure their subscriptions. The result was a boost in online orders for new subscriptions and many upgrades of existing contracts, thanks to a more user-friendly sales bot interface.


increase in webshop orders

4 million

customers connected to the platform


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