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Engage with customers on their terms and make more sales.

E-commerce platforms and mobile apps aren’t enough anymore. Stand out by offering a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.

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  • bullet point Increase conversions
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Deliver value at each step of the customer journey with mobile messaging


Reduce cart abandonment rates with automated SMS

Build promotional marketing campaigns based on preference

Reach customers on their preferred mobile channel

Enhance the customer experience and reduce churn

Start a real time conversation with your customers

Why Sinch for Retail

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    Personalized onboarding and offers

    Over 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase when a brand offers a personalized experience - yet most companies aren’t listening . Crack the personalization code by bringing all your customer data together into one customer journey.
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    Real-time conversations and support

    Responses to frequent information inquiries can be streamlined with chatbots, and audio/video chat capabilities can be integrated to your website. Automate real-time order and delivery notifications with messages on a preferred channel or curate your future offerings based on survey and feedback data post-shipment.
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    High security standards

    Your customers expect their account information to be secured and protected. Streamline the sign-up and sign-in process with increased security by using a phone number as a single factor verification. Enhance your platform security further by adding phone number verification as a second security layer, using SMS, Voice Call, or Flash Call.
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Client benefits

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    Personalized SMS

    Sending personalized SMS informing that an item is available for pickup resulted in a 35% reduction in non-pickups
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    Facebook Messenger

    Campaign resulted in 8M messages, 290k conversations, and 90% of users spending 15x longer in the conversation
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    Personalized Video

    Sending a "we miss you, can we help with anything?" video reduced cart abandonment rates by 39%
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Use cases

Why retail is going mobile

Doubling revenue with a well-dressed campaign

Next level mobile marketing in retail

A popular apparel brand wanted to make their promotion campaigns even more attractive and engaging, so they decided to test a new format in contrast to traditional SMS with a discount code. They created a branded landing page with an interactive scratch card and embedded the link in their SMS campaign. It was set to track user engagement and purchases associated with the campaign in Sinch’s SaaS platform.

2.4x revenue vs standard SMS campaign

Uplifting conversion rates and driving revenue

Rich messaging at its best

French retailer, Cdiscount wanted to improve the conversion rate on their mobile marketing campaign, so they brought in Sinch to develop an RCS campaign with enriched formats (image, video, button) inserted directly into the messaging app. Thanks to this new format, engagement levels soared, and the campaign performed significantly better than traditional SMS.

+9% cart value compared to SMS
+4% revenue compared to SMS campaigns

Go paper free with SMS messages

With Sinch, the process is smoother and more reliable with better SMS deliverability.

Gabriel Block, CEO & President

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COVID-19 is driving historic disruption and innovation in retail. Insights from our global consumer study shed light on critical opportunities.

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