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We've got the perfect email platform for developers, product teams, marketers...well, for everyone! With Sinch Mailgun, Sinch Mailjet, and Sinch Email on Acid, you're sure to find a perfect fit.

Scale and reliability

Our infrastructure is built to scale, sending over 250 billion emails every year with 99.99% uptime. Need to hit the inbox super fast? We can deliver 15 million messages within hours!

130+ years of team expertise

We know email, and we love to help our customers. With a 95% customer satisfaction score, our legendary support team is there when you need it - 24/7.

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The leading email delivery service for businesses globally

Send, receive, analyze, and verify millions of emails with one of the most reliable enterprise email service providers, built with your development teams in mind. 

Take email to new heights with unmatched deliverability

Improve your inbox placement and connect with real people – your customers. With Sinch Email on Acid, you have the data and the resources needed to build a winning strategy and optimize performance!

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product example mailjet

Send beautiful emails - without a single line of code

Discover our easy-to-use platform for designing, sending, and monitoring your email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and automated emails. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or collaborating as a team, build emails that impact your customers and grow your business!

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increase in productivity

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Quick-and-easy setup

Start sending emails in minutes thanks to our intuitive interface, SDKs, and accessible documentation.

Send with confidence

Our powerful Email API scales to send billions of emails and delivers them quickly.

Hit the inbox every time

A suite of best-of-breed deliverability gives you the insight you need to get your emails delivered.

Partners with a trusted provider

We're SSAE-16 SOC I & II, ISO27001 certified, as well as GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Enterprise-grade security to protect your business

Safety first! We have 2FA, SSO, TLS encryption, and a multitude of other measures to protect you and your customers.

Manage millions of incoming emails

Powerful, smart rules engine lets you manage millions of incoming emails - with just a few rules.

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Have questions?

  • Which Sinch email product is right for me?

    From marketers to developers from startup to enterprise, we help the world create connected experiences at scale. 

    Developers and enterprises love Sinch Mailgun because of its ability to send, receive and track email. Sinch Mailjet is the perfect email marketing solutions for small, agile marketing teams so send beautiful emails without touching a single line of code.

    Sinch Email on Acid helps email marketers and email developers send perfect emails. 

  • What is email deliverability?

    Email deliverability is both an art and a science. Email deliverability is the measurement of how effective a sender is at ensuring their messages make it to their intended recipient’s inbox.

  • Why is email deliverability so important?

    If an email doesn’t make it to the recipient’s inbox they’re less likely to engage with the message. This diminishes your customer experience and reduces the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Good email delivery is key to engaging with your customers.

  • Is my data safe?

    Of course! Learn more about the measures we take to protect the privacy and security of our customers.

Understanding deliverability

Email is complicated. Learn more about all the factors that affect your ability to hit the inbox.


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