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Sinch introduces Sinch Engage, a quick start solution to use most relevant instant messaging apps

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How can you create relevant and long-lasting relationships with your customers? By engaging them in meaningful conversations and offering them a great user experience on the channels they love! And if your customers relish using instant messaging channels like WhatsApp, Messenger from Meta, and Telegram, we've got the perfect solution for you.

Sinch proudly introduces Sinch Engage: an easy to use a software-as-a-service solution to use the bundle of most relevant instant messaging apps lead by WhatsApp for marketing, support and sales in ONE platform - including a intuitive ticketsystem, a campaign manager and drag-and-drop chatbot builder.  

The future is conversational

Currently, WhatsApp, Messenger from Meta, Instagram, and WeChat have more than five billion active monthly users combined around the world. Particular in India, Latin America and a lot of parts in central Europe they are used nearly by everyone on a daily base to talk to friends, family, and businesses.

This offers many new possibilities for businesses to meet customers on the instant messaging channels they love and offer them meaningful and engaging interactions. And at Sinch, we believe that connecting with your customers should be just as easy as sending a message. So the goal is to enable also small and medium sized business to enter the world of conversational messaging! 

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Sinch introduces Sinch Engage: what to expect

Sinch Engage brings together products and expertise from several of our acquisitions into an easy to start and affordable software-as-a-service solution to use especially the popular messaging app WhatsApp for marketing, support and sales in ONE platform.  

Customers can now send campaigns, use bots, and have agents chat with customers in one platform – all powered by the Conversation API, which allows customers to use eight relevant instant messaging apps on one platform.

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Sinch Engage offers excellent user experience, a state-of-the-art intuitive interface, and comprehensive capabilities.

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With Sinch Engage it's now more straightforward and more fun to talk to your customers. Benefit from:

  • a quick start with a SaaS solution that allows you to get started in minutes (no need to get IT involved)
  • managing all relevant instant messaging apps from one desktop-based interface
  • a brand-new integrated drag-and-drop chatbot builder
  • a central inbox with comprehensive ticket system for distributing queries to agents
  • a campaign management for broadcasting including scheduling and targeting in-depth analytics
  • 100% data privacy

Are you ready to try out Sinch Engage? >>> Try for free now!

Engage in meaningful one-on-one conversations

Sinch Engage enables sales, support, and marketing teams to have easy and scalable conversations on the instant messaging channels customers love. On Sinch Engage, you can use our Conversations feature to talk to your customers on one unified interface, no matter which instant messaging channel they came from.

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You can also assign incoming messages to specific agents, either manually or by auto-routing. Additionally, labeling functions and pre-defined chat blocks handle customer queries even more efficiently. The interface is desktop-based, which makes it easier for agents to answer multiple queries at once. You can use our integrations to automatically add  customer data from these conversations into your company's CRM system.

Reach thousands of customers with one message

Did you know that the opening rates for push notifications on messaging apps is 90%? Take advantage of this eye-popping reach by using the Campaigns feature on Sinch Engage to send out newsletters on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and many other messaging apps. And for even more successful marketing campaigns, you can also set up dedicated target groups and personalize every message you send.

You can then easily track your engagement rates and optimize your templates to get even more out of your campaigns.

Build an efficient chatbot in minutes

Sinch Engage Chatbot

Chatbots can help you automate your customer communications. Your customers will get answers faster, while your service team can work more efficiently, and focus on more complex issues.

In order to improve your efficiency, you can build your own chatbot with Sinch Engage’s easy drag-and-drop functionality. Or just use one of our templates, and set up your chatbot in just a few clicks.

Ready to take your customer communication to the next level?

It shouldn’t be hard to message your customers — and with us, it’s not. Start a conversation with your customers on the channels they prefer, at every step of their journey. Easily respond to customer queries and be available 24/7.

Combine live chats with automation and increase customer satisfaction — all while working from your desktop and guaranteeing your customers 100% data protection.

Learn more about Sinch Engage: Try for free!