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Join Sinch's WhatsApp OTP beta program

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We're rolling out our WhatsApp one-time password (OTP) beta program and want you to be a part of it!

WhatsApp’s OTP solution taps into the potential of one of the most used messaging platforms around the world. This method is set to dramatically impact how businesses authenticate users, making the process faster, more secure, and incredibly user-friendly. And now, we’re inviting the North American market to be a part of it.

Why choose WhatsApp OTP?

WhatsApp is an essential daily messaging tool for for billions of people worldwide. Its universal appeal and ease of use make it asecure and straightforward authentication channel. Sinch’s WhatsApp OTP service capitalizes on this popularity, offering businesses a trusted way to verify users quickly and securely, improving the overall user experience while upholding the highest security standards.

Here are the top benefits that using WhatsApp OTP can have for your business: 

  • Enhanced user experience: Provide your customers the convenience of receiving OTPs through a widely trusted, regularly used messaging platform. 

  • Cost savings: Using WhatsApp to send OTPs can be more economical than using traditional SMS in numerous markets. 

  • Reliable delivery insights: WhatsApp gives you access to delivery receipts that can help you to refine your authentication strategy. 

  • Effortless integration: Thanks to Sinch’s comprehensive verification API, integrating WhatsApp OTP with your existing systems is a breeze.

WhatsApp OTP beta

How you can use WhatsApp OTPs at your organization

You can use WhatsApp OTPs across various scenarios, such as: 

  • Streamlining account signups and onboarding: Authenticate mobile device ownership effortlessly during user registration. 

  • Facilitating account recovery: Simplify the process for password resets and account recoveries. 

  • Securing transaction approvals: Enhance security for transactions without compromising on convenience. 

  • Improving sign-in and access: Offer a more user-friendly alternative to traditional two-factor authentication (2FA) and 1FA methods, ensuring secure, straightforward logins. 

About the beta program

Choosing to be a part of the Sinch WhatsApp OTP beta program connects you with a global leader in authentication solutions: 

  • Rich expertise: Our broad experience in 2FA solutions is unparalleled. 

  • Global presence with local insight: Our extensive carrier connections ensure unmatched reach and dependability. 

  • Industry trust: Join the group of elite global tech companies who trust Sinch for their communication solutions. 

Plus, WhatsApp OTP integrates really well with all the other services we offer, including SMS OTP, Flash Call, phone call, and data verification

The rollout of the WhatsApp OTP beta program is a strategic improvement to Sinch's verification framework, emphasizing our commitment to providing secure, user-friendly authentication solutions. This new feature takes advantage of the widespread presence of WhatsApp to offer businesses a cost-effective, reliable method for user verification, creating a better customer experience while maintaining high-security standards. 

Get in contact to join the program 

Joining Sinch’s WhatsApp OTP beta program gives you an opportunity to: 

  • Directly influence the product with your feedback 

  • Gain early access to a leading-edge authentication method 

  • Enjoy specialized support from the Sinch team, ensuring smooth integration and optimal performance 

Connect with our team today to get started!