Two-factor authentication (2FA)

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)? 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the most effective ways of protecting accounts, and it is widely used across the world. 2FA doubles the security to users’ account login by requiring two types of authentication – typically something users know and something they have. 


How is 2FA used? 

Weak passwords, hacked databases, social engineering and poor encryption can make passwords vulnerable to attack. With 2FA, users add a second factor to authenticate themselves, thus protecting their data from the bad guys. 

A common and convenient method of deploying 2FA is to deliver tokens (PIN codes, verification codes, one-time passwords [OTPs], and the like) through SMS to the user’s mobile device. 


What are the benefits of 2FA? 

Security is top of mind for anyone accessing accounts or making transactions online, or at least it should be! 2FA adds security measures, allows for monitoring, and reduces the likelihood of an account being hacked. 

Businesses should offer a variety of 2FA options. Offering authenticator apps or push authentication are vital if you're protecting valuable assets, like money or information.   


How does Sinch work with 2FA?


Sinch has everything you need in an SMS verification service

Verify your end-users in seconds with our powerful super network and intelligent routing, specifically optimized for verification SMS.    Looking for analytics? Check out our self-serve portal to keep an eye on conversion rates, fault detection, and prevention. 

Our SMS authentication integrates seamlessly into sign-up or login flows via our REST API

  • Sign up for a free account 
  • Send an SMS Verification request to a number of your choice 
  • Send a report verification request with the code received