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Sinch launches KakaoTalk in its Conversation API

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The new KakaoTalk channel lets brands around the world communicate with their customers in South Korea and beyond

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – September 21, 2022 – Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications and mobile customer engagement, today announced it is adding the KakaoTalk channel to its Conversation API which allows enterprise businesses to engage in seamless omnichannel interactions with consumers anywhere in the world.

With this latest addition, Sinch is expanding the number of channels enterprises can use to engage with their customers. These include SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber Business, Facebook Messenger, among others – and now KakaoTalk.

Conversation API uses built-in transcoding giving businesses the power of conversation across any supported communication channels and, if required, full control over channel specific features. With the launch of this new channel in Conversation API, brands around the world can now easily communicate with customers on KakaoTalk.

Life takes place on KakaoTalk in South Korea. It has 53.3 million monthly active users among a population of only 51.8 million, and there are many, not just in South Korea, using it. Businesses need to be able to interact with their customers on KakaoTalk, as its high open rates and click-through rates means the app provides an ideal medium for marketing, sales consultations and customer support.

“KakaoTalk is a super-app that is becoming increasingly pervasive in digital life in South Korea – 97% of the population uses it. However, Sinch has seen that many western brands do not use it well. They will often run basic social media and adverts on KakaoTalk, but if a customer asks the brand a question there’s little interactive dialogue on the app itself,” said Jon Campbell, Director of Rich Messaging, Sinch. “Yet with South Korea fast becoming a hot market for global retail and travel brands, Sinch can now offer easy access to KakaoTalk for international brands through our Conversation API. So, with all documents and support in English, any business can communicate 2-way with customers in the region.”

With Sinch’s large portfolio of products and services, any business can instantly engage using any communication channels it needs. The addition of KakaoTalk to Sinch’s Conversation API means instead of businesses trying to decipher Korean documentation or working with a local agency to build integration into the business’ multiple messaging APIs, it can now maintain a single API for all communication channels in one place and with all developer documentation it needs to make this happen in English. With KakaoTalk now added to its Conversation API, Sinch is continuing its goal to be able to reach everyone on the planet on their favorite messaging channel at any time.

For more information on how KakaoTalk can be accessed using Sinch’s Conversation API, see https://go.sinch.com/l/151751/2022-09-15/27ws9r5

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