App notifications

What is an app notification?

An app notification is a message sent to a user’s device through an application.  

There are two types of app notifications.  

In-app notifications, as the name suggests, are only visible in the app itself when users are actively using it. The format can include rich media like cards, carousels, and other types of engaging content.  

Push notifications are visible to users even when the app isn’t open, including on their lock screens, and can only be sent on an opt-in basis. Push notifications can only include text, emojis, and links.  

What are the benefits of app notifications? 

When done right, using app notifications can help businesses keep their audience engaged and improve their experience by getting messages to users in the right place at the right time.   

While app notifications are often used by e-commerce, media, banking, financial, and insurance companies, they can be beneficial in any type of industry — provided they’re relevant and useful. 

Here are some of the most popular use cases for in-app and push notifications: 

In-app notifications: 

  • Onboarding messages or interactive walkthroughs for new users 

  • Informational messages about new features 

  • Prompt to take a specific action, like installing an update 

  • Customer feedback request, like surveys or product reviews 

Push notifications: 

  • Abandoned cart notifications 

  •  New products and special offers 

  • Account alerts 

  • Transactional messages 

  • Appointment reminders 

  • Geo-specific messages 


How does Sinch work with app notifications? 

Sinch Push allows you to enable both native push notifications and in-app messages through our Conversation API, with supporting SDKs. You can also add web push notifications.  

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