Conversation API

What is Conversation API?

Sinch’s Conversation API is a software program that enables real-time conversations between a business and its audience across multiple channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, RCS, Viber, Apple Messages for Business, Kakao Talk, and more. 


How does Conversation API work and how is it used? 

With Conversation API, businesses get access to the world’s most popular messaging channels through a single connection, which drastically simplifies the transition to omnichannel conversational engagement. 

From compelling marketing campaigns to increased conversions and five-star customer care, Conversation API enables businesses to connect with their customers on their own terms and deliver a personalized, consistent experience across channels thanks to unified contact profiles. 


What are the benefits of Sinch’s Conversation API? 

Conversation API lets you create seamless experiences at scale and integrates super easily with your existing tool.  

Our wide channel lineup ensures maximum reach and lets you engage customers across all the channels they love effortlessly, while retaining context for a personalized experience. Just craft your message once and you’re good to go – we’ll automatically optimize it for individual channels.  

Conversation API also lets you add new channels as you go in just a few clicks. You can even add some AI magic to automate customer interactions through chatbots or voice bots and offer always-on support. 

Simply put, Conversation API makes omnichannel engagement a breeze! 

Want to find out more about Sinch’s Conversation API? Talk to us or start a free trial!

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