Your customers want to chat! Be available to them on their favorite channel. Build the message once, hand over access across tools, agents, and bots.

  • Leverage channel-specific functionality

    Is your consumer on SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger? The message will stay consistent and maximize their unique formats.

  • Maximize efficiency

    Streamline handoffs by easily switching from bot to agent back to automation. Custom integration to fit your existing technical tools.

  • Next-generation channel ready

    As the channel landscape evolves, we’ll connect you to new channels when they become available through Conversation API. No extra setup needed!

Meet your customers on their preferred app

Conversation API is a messaging API that allows businesses to simply and easily communicate with their customers on their channel of choice with industry-leading intelligence, integration, and personalization.

Streamline customer service

A next-level customer experience means being available on your users’ preferred channel. Conversation API makes it easy to receive and respond to customer requests, even if the user switches channels. And as new channels become available, you can easily add them into your messaging suite.

Easy to integrate

We understand the complexity of engaging over multiple channels. Conversation API enables streamlined onboarding, unified account creation, registration, and configuration – no need for individual account management. Reduce manual channel maintenance and technical debt.

Branded user experience

Users prefer to engage with brands on a familiar mobile channel. Respond to inbound requests or send alerts with context and continuity.
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How does Conversation API work?

Conversation API provides a single, consistent programming interface which removes the complexity and format requirements of individual messaging channels. The API offers the ability to transcode from a generic omni-message, or you can customize design with a channel-specific format. Thanks to a handoff API, you can direct the conversation from an automated logic flow to a human agent for more complex questions when needed.

Empower your support teams

Build the message once. Automate FAQs and simplify Q&A, saving time and overhead

Access unified conversation history

Retain context and continuity, even if the user switched channels

Bring in the experts for an advanced request

Reduce manual handoffs by assigning handover rules in your contact center

Customizable channel priority

Continue the chat on the most recently used channel

Now on SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber

Access new channels as they become available
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Get started on Conversation API

Conversation API is now available for Closed Beta trial customers.

Ready to take your customer service chats to the next level?