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The conversational messaging dream-team: Sinch + MessengerPeople

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Do you use WhatsApp? How about Facebook Messenger, or WeChat, or Apple iMessage?

We’re pretty sure you answered “Yes” – at least to one of these, but probably to several.

This is the way we interact with each other – with our friends and family. It’s also the way we want to interact with companies. We’re tired of pushy, dull, one-way communications. Instead, we want to have engaging, two-way conversations.

Just look at the numbers: more than 4 billion people use a messaging app each month. In fact, the four most popular messaging platforms have more users than the four biggest social media platforms! And according to Gartner, by next year (you read that right) 70% of all customer interactions will involve technology like mobile messaging, chatbots, and machine learning.

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Not all companies are ready for this shift. But Sinch is here to help – that’s why we built our industry-leading Conversation API. And that’s why, today, we took a big step to make it even easier for you to engage your customers. We’re thrilled to announce that we are acquiring MessengerPeople – to help you get even closer to your customers at every step of their journey!

MessengerPeople, founded in Germany in 2015, is a true pioneer in conversational messaging services. The company’s cloud-based software platform lets brands around the world reach their end users on their preferred channels – whether that’s WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Viber…or…well, you get the idea. Check out the full list here.

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The award-winning company, recognized by the likes of Deloitte and the Financial Times for its quick growth, already serves more than 700 companies globally, reaching some 20 million end users. MessengerPeople was born and is a conversational messaging leader in Germany, which happens to be Europe’s largest market of WhatsApp users – and together we look forward to extending the platform  globally.

Oh, and did we mention that MessengerPeople is also one of WhatsApp’s leading partners in Europe?

We’re so excited to say “Willkommen” to more than 40 new team members, in Germany and around the world. It’s a team that’s doing amazing things – MessengerPeople’s current customers include travel and tourism leader TUI, e-commerce specialist Women’s Best, and the state government of Telangana, India. Some of MessengerPeople’s customers have used the platform to cut the average handling time by 50%, reduce customer service emails by 70%, and watch positive customer reviews soar. But the potential use cases are endless…what will you do? (We’ve got some ideas…get in touch!)

Are you as eager as we are to get to know MessengerPeople? Check out their website here. A warm welcome to the team at MessengerPeople – #WeAreSinch!