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5 reasons to be excited about Sinch acquiring Inteliquent

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It’s been a very busy year at Sinch. From our acquisition of Pathwire to our anti-cyberbullying partnership with Facebook to launching our new website, there’s a lot to keep track of!

But today is worth noting for sure. Because today, we completed our acquisition of Inteliquent. This means we now have one solution to meet all of your messaging, voice, and communication needs, no matter the channel you need. It’s a big day for us, and of course, for all of our customers!

We have big plans to improve our offering now that Inteliquent is officially part of the Sinch family. In this blog, we thought we’d give you a few examples! Of course, this list is far from inclusive — but still, we wanted to give you a taste of what our new-and-improved voice offering looks like. Read on about all the great new perks for our customers...and get as excited as we are!

1. Work with largest independent voice provider in the U.S.

We were already #1 in messaging...but now we are in voice, as well! Thanks to joining forces with Inteliquent, we power more than 115 million phone numbers, with more than 300 billion minutes of use on our network each year. We have on-net coverage of more than 95% of the U.S. population.

And we’re just getting started!

Stats showing the power of the Sinch voice network

2. Get incredible up-time

Of course, size isn’t all that matters. Here at Sinch, we’re all about quality! It’s why we're so happy we have 99.999% uptime. (Yes, five 9s!)

Our network is backed by 43 geo-redundant points across the U.S. — which is a fancy way of saying we have our network servers in many different places, to make sure we're always on, no matter what may happen at any specific location. So not only are you getting scale — you're getting reliability.

Map showing coverage of Sinch voice network


3. Even more great products - like SIP Trunking!

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, not Simply Incredible Product — but we'd say it's definitely both. SIP is basically the better version of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You can think of SIP trunks as virtual phone lines offering top-notch quality while even letting you transfer multimedia data (not just voice data). With our SIP trunking, you can get local, long distance, and toll-free calling with a single connection — not to mention E911, caller ID, CNAM, directory listings, and more!

Also, unlike VoIP, a SIP trunk call can use any network — a VPN or any of our partner carriers — not just the Internet or a private network. And you only pay for what you need. Summary: better quality for your customers, more savings for you!

4. Get industry expertise

Did you know that 8 of the biggest tech companies are Sinch customers? And that was before we acquired Inteliquent. Adding Inteliquent and its portfolio into the mix, we also serve top 10 VOIP companies in the US. Not to mention the top five communications platforms, collaboration tool companies, wireless carriers, cable companies...the list goes on!

The point is…whatever your sector, whatever you need, we’re experienced and we’re ready!

Logos of several customers working with Inteliquent/Sinch

5. A team that’s obsessed with helping you succeed

This is an important way we just improved — or rather, some 500 ways, through our new Sinchers all around the world! With 27 years of experience, Inteliquent is already trusted by the world's leading companies in every communications sector. And it has earned trust through its incredible team — a team of experts who truly are customer-obsessed and care about your success.

At Sinch, we also pride ourselves on our people, and we’re so happy to unite these two top teams. Welcome everyone — #WeAreSinch!

In short: we’re stronger than ever and ready to help you succeed with all of your communication needs! Like we said, though, this is just scratching the surface. We have many more reasons to be excited — like voice termination, UCaaS, STIR/SHAKEN robocall mitigation, cloud faxing, enhanced 911 services, PSTN replacement and Voice IPX...the list goes on and on.

Want to find out what we can do for you to take your customer communications to the next level? Get in touch — we can’t wait to tell you!