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Welcome Pathwire: The world’s leading email delivery platform is joining Sinch

Company update
Sinch and Path Wire
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Today is a pivotal and very exciting day in the Sinch story – and for all of our customers. We’re thrilled to announce that we will be acquiring Pathwire, the world’s leading provider of email APIs and marketing solutions! 

Since our foundation in 2008, our mission has been constant: to help our customers, all around the world, to get closer to and engage their customers. When we started, we did that through SMS. We still do – but we’ve also added an arsenal of other great tools. Now we’re proud to offer voice and video services, authentication, an industry-leading Conversation API, and so much more.  

In short, we know what it takes to deliver top-notch communications solutions to the best businesses in the world. We know, because that’s what we do – each and every day.  

But there has been one piece of that communications puzzle which we’ve been missing: email. More than 4 billion people use email each day. And that number is on the rise, for good reason – email is one of the most popular and convenient channels for businesses and customers alike. Whether it’s used for transactional communication, marketing, customer service, or logistics, email is quite simply an essential part of any modern business' communications strategy.  

So for us, as we build the world’s best CPaaS platform, it was a natural next step to add that missing piece – and we found a perfect fit in Pathwire, a platform as loved by developers as it is by marketers.  

Email parsing with Mailgun, to be acquired by Sinch

Pathwire’s story is much like ours. The company started small with a simple mission and laser focus, and over the past ten years, it has become an international powerhouse, leading in its industry.  

Today the company boasts an incredible portfolio of well-loved brands and products, including MailgunMailjet, and Email on Acid. Mailgun, with its 20+ APIs, SDKs, and plugins, is a must-have for developers implementing email, with 99.99% uptime and onboarding that takes less than a minute. Meanwhile Mailjet is one of the most advanced drag-and-drop email builders on the market, making it easy for marketers to get started and scale.  Pathwire's 100,000+ paying customers include the likes of Microsoft, Wikipedia, Dell, the NHL, and American Express.   

Drag-and-drop functionality with Mailjet, to be acquired by Sinch

We know that doing email right is hard. That's why we knew we had to work with the very best. We want to offer the same great quality, scalability, support, and global reach with email that we do with all of our other products. And that's why we chose Pathwire. 

We both strive to bring businesses and their customers closer together through simple, engaging communication. Together, we’re excited to offer our customers an unbeatable full-stack of communications solutions – so you can expand your reach and boost your engagement like never before. The deal will take a little while to close of course, but we’re eager to talk with you about all the exciting new possibilities that are coming...get in touch

Read the full press release here.

Welcome, Pathwire, to the Sinch family – along with 350+ new Sinchers. #WeAreSinch!