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2019: A year in the life of Sinch

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2019’s nearly over and what a year it’s been for Sinch! Here's our top highlights of the year and a sneaky peak of what we expect to see in 2020.

1. New year, new look!

We started the year off with a bang! Merging all brands into one big happy family we became Sinch in February. A new brand identity with a shared name and a shared vision to enrich engagements for all!

2. Sinch Engage launch

In June we introduced Sinch Engage to the world. Our internal 'agency' has the power to help you meet individual customer needs and raise relevancy to new heights via the magic of personalized rich media and mobile marketing.

3. Tier 1 ROCCO rating

July saw Sinch recognised by ROCCO as a Tier 1 provider for the fifth year in a row. This recognition means a lot to us – it’s proof that we’re dedicated to maintaining the high standards expected in such a demanding industry.

4. Offering a personalized mobile engagement platform

In September we said bonjour! to myElefant as we completed our first acquisition of 2019. Offering rich, interactive messaging to deliver awesome customer experiences, thanks to myElefant the potential for immersive media just got stepped up!

5. WhatsApp for Business launch

In October we were buzzing about our launch of WhatsApp for Business. Gaining entry to the inner circle of trust that mobile phone users hold so dear to their hearts is a big step forward and WhatsApp for Business holds the key.

6. Increased connectivity in Brazil

In October we celebrated carnival style and said Ola! to our Brazilian friends TWW. Brazil is one of the fastest growing markets for smartphone penetration, so improving our direct connections in such an important space was a big step forward.

7. New developer site live

Mid October saw us fine tuning our developer documentation site to bring you better search results, re-organized content to help speed up search, and design changes to make the page quick and easy to read.

8. Notification system makeover

In November, improvements to our notification system were ready to go live. It’s essential that you stay up to date on support and service operations and our new system allows you to do exactly that by tailoring alerts to suit your own specific needs.

9. New team members 

We welcomed over 120 new employees into the Sinch family in 2019. So many new people to help us serve our clients better, building on Sales, Support and Product Development - it’s an exciting time! 

10. What does the future hold?

Well we don’t have a crystal ball, but we can make a few calculated guesses!

  • M&A continues to be on the agenda for Sinch in 2020. Growth is always a key area for us as we seek to gain even more connectivity and develop new products to better serve our clients!
  • We’re also working behind the scenes on launching some new Sinch event concepts and exciting new content in support of our latest report: Mobile Consumer Engagement 2020. More webinars are also on the way, so hold onto your hats and watch this space through 2020!