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RCS Messaging

Turn every message 
into an enriching conversation

RCS business messaging brings to life the most popular communications channel in the world - SMS.
Send interactive & personalized messages to consumers
ready to reserve, confirm & purchase right within their
native SMS inbox.

  • Make engagement effortless

    Get customer response rates like never before. As a verified sender, branded conversations provide greater assurance & confidence to customers.

  • Delight with rich media

    Enjoy the power to express yourself freely - using pictures, audio, video & action buttons - to create an unmatched customer experience.

  • An app-like experience

    Pack your messages full of interactive functions & send them straight to customers pre-installed inbox - no downloads required.

Use Case – Brick Bank

Our friends at Brick Bank have gone all out to help their customer feel at home with their RCS Business Messaging! Check out the cool tricks they’ve used to help build trust:

  • Customized the message with their logo
  • Added corporate colours so the message is on brand
  • Got their number verified so it’s clear who it’s from

In this example, Brick Bank start an online RCS messaging conversation by sending a notification – a sure fire way to get noticed quickly. Following up with an image to show exactly what the message is about makes sure the customer knows right from the get-go that they need to sit up and pay attention.

This kind of interaction brings instant feedback on key things like:

  • When your customer is typing a response
  • If any links are tapped on
  • If your customer has interacted in any way with your message

These stats are pure analytics gold!

Use Case – Mobilitia

Take a look at our RCS Business Messaging demo with Mobilitia to find out how easy it is to change/upgrade your plan, or buy add-ons on the go with RCS.

Our friend Paul has found himself in a sticky situation – he’s used all his data allowance for the month. Just as well Mobilitia have a chatbot option to step in and save the day!

By simply clicking on suggested action buttons in the chatbot session, Paul can get back on track quickly and easily by:

  • Adding data
  • Choosing a new plan
  • Buying international calling
  • Adding extra lines
  • Speaking to a customer service advisor

The best part though? Once Paul has confirmed his purchases, it’s all played back to him in a rich dynamic, super cool Personalized Video explaining:

  • Data plan & cost agreed
  • Billing dates & amounts
  • Any additional set up fees / costs

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