The journey to hyper-personalization in financial services

In this video, Alejandro Murcia, Director of Global Financial Services at Sinch, discusses: 

• New trends in financial services, and how they impact CX 
• Why conversational banking is so popular
• Strategies to delight and retain customers 

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About this episode

The financial services industry is accelerating its adoption of digital technology. The pandemic contributed significantly to the fact that consumers want to do everything from home, and so it makes even more sense to digitize financial activity and communication. 

But banks and financial service providers shouldn't only automate communication with customers; they need to personalize conversations regardless of the channel they're using. 


In this episode of Sinch Talks, we welcome Alejandro Murcia, Director of Global Financial Services at Sinch, to talk about:

Key insights

  • Tech-savvy customers want smoother digital services

    Technology companies have set a higher standard for the digitization of customer experience, which means that financial services customers expect more now from the industry than ever before. These customers want a more seamless and straightforward way to interact with their banks and financial institutions, which means these institutions must strive to meet these new expectations.

  • Banking is getting personal

    Users have different preferences when it comes to banking - some prefer visiting the bank, others prefer speaking to an agent over the phone, and some prefer conversational AI. The key is to provide a variety of channels and options to end-users, ultimately leading to better, more personalized experiences. 

  • An omnichannel approach will upgrade CX

    Providing personalized experiences in the financial services industry can be challenging, but businesses around the world are working to deliver unified experiences that cater to the needs and preferences of their customers. One significant advantage is having a global provider that offers a wide variety of channels to reach their entire user base, quickly and with the best quality possible.

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Personalization is key

"It's not enough to be able to just speak to [a user] in a general way; it's super important for us to deliver a tailored message to them — something that really understands their financial moment. Maybe they're looking at acquiring a new house; maybe they're looking at updating their car. In general, there's a couple of things we can think about, and we need to talk about those specific requirements."

Timely communication builds customer trust

"We need to really deliver and communicate to our users... we need to deliver this communication in a timely manner, so that really creates this sense of trust and sense of engagement with the financial institution."

Balance automation and the human touch

"Tech is not enough. We need to understand how to balance the right level of self-service automation but also providing the right context of the human touch and then the ability to deliver on a good experience when we need the, to escalate things and have the right level of support."


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