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In this episode of Sinch Talks, Susan Stjernberger, Senior Account Manager at Sinch, interviews Ehsan Ghaffari, CTO and COO of, to discuss:  

  •'s use of SMS campaigns to drive customer engagement and boost sales 
  • The importance of personalized, segmented content for better ROI 

  • How the brand prepared for Black Friday logo
Two headshots. Larger one of Ehsan Ghaffari, CTO and COO at, and smaller one of Susan Stjernberger, Senior Account Manager at Sinch.

About this episode, a Nordic e-commerce beauty retailer, partnered with Sinch to personalize customer communications, resulting in high engagement and ROI on SMS campaigns.

In this Sinch Talk, we delve into’s innovative use of SMS campaigns for Black Friday and to create personalized, interactive experiences for their customers. Watch the full video to discover the importance of targeted messaging in meeting customer expectations and driving successful retail marketing campaigns.

Key insights

  • Reaching engagement rates of nearly 100%

    SMS can effectively complement email marketing. Ehsan discusses how has used SMS to achieve high open rates of 90% or above, and engagement rates of nearly 100% with Rich SMS.

  • Boosting sales with personalized messaging

    At the core of’s mission is to provide exceptional customer service – and with Sinch Rich SMS, they can easily personalize messages and achieve faster time to market. Plus, Sinch integrates with their CRM so they can segment at various levels, ultimately leading to improved customer engagement and purchase experiences.

  • Recommendations for Black Friday planning

    Retailers put lots of time and effort going into the Black Friday period, and their efforts span across departments from marketing, to customer service, to purchasing, and more. Ehsan discusses how thinks about and plans for Black Friday campaign success.

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Email and SMS are complementary channels

Ehsan gives an insightful take on the costs associated with email and SMS, noting that using both channels accommodates different customer preferences and lifestyles. He provides a fresh perspective on the cost-effectiveness of SMS, underlining its potential for better returns. 

"We often look at email as a free channel. But of course, email also has a cost. You should compare your SMS cost to the total cost of ownership of your CRM platform and all the emails you're sending."

SMS for time-sensitive campaigns

According to Ehsan, SMS has proved to be an incredibly efficient tool for flash sales or promotions with a limited timeframe. 

"If you have campaigns that are time critical, like for a flash sale, SMS is great. A lot of people read [emails] in the morning. Some people read [them] during lunch and some in the evening. But for time-critical campaigns, SMS is a great tool."

Partnership success with luxury brands

Ehsan shares exciting news about Parfym’s recent partnership with luxury brand Hermès, demonstrating the success and growth of the company. This alliance signifies the power of customer experience to expand Parfym’s horizons. 

"We're doing a lot of right things and we're partnering up with the right companies... recently, we launched Hermès on our platform. We're very proud and honored to have such a luxury brand with such a rich history on our platform and being able to offer our customers that."


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