Harrods delivers a masterclass in customer service

In this collaborative video with SAP, Sunny Sangha, Sinch Director of Sales Enablement & Partnerships, and Ellie Felts, Product Owner from 2017-2024 at Harrods discuss how Sinch helped Harrods transform their customer service to meet the standards of the luxury retailer. Learn how: 

  • Harrods and Sinch seamlessly joined forces to deliver exceptional customer service. 

  • The team implemented innovative solutions, allowing customers to connect with Harrods through their preferred channels. 

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About this episode 

Harrods, synonymous with elegance and customer experience, has become a hallmark of luxury retail.  But Harrods is no ordinary retailer. 

Come and see how the Sinch platform helped Harrods engage with customers on their terms and preferred channels. Experience the essence of luxury retail through a service that goes beyond exceptional, offering personalization, speed, and a deep commitment to every Harrods customer.