How Yespark makes city parking a breeze with Sinch Flash Call Verification

Customer Story
Back in 2014, Thibaut Chary and Charles Pfister decided to tackle the challenge of city parking. Sinch Flash Call Verification was a key component of their app–powered parking rental solution, enabling fast and secure access to car parks for city drivers.
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Challenge: Offer city drivers a smooth and secure parking rental experience 

Solution: App-powered access through verified calls 

Results: Fast, easy, reliable, 100% digital customer experience 


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Challenge: Helping Yespark build the perfect parking app

After moving to Paris at the end of 2013, Thibaut -one of Yespark’s co-founders – quickly realized what a nightmare city parking was. Finding a solution that didn’t break the bank or require endless paperwork was near impossible.

Yespark was born in 2014 with a simple vision: offering an affordable city parking alternative, with easy access to unused spots. The company now offers city drivers monthly no-commitment rental plans for more than 40,000 parking spaces in France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

The technology behind Yespark’s concept -a mobile app and a smart box connected to car park entrances-was developed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. The objective was to enable easy access to parking lots via mobile phone.

The only thing missing was a smart solution to ensure fast user verification and trigger door opening.

Solution: How verified calls help creating a friction-free customer experience

Yespark was looking for a solution that would ensure a smooth, fast authentication process with minimal customer effort while keeping costs down. “Sinch’s call verification services seemed to tick all the boxes for the implementation of our remote opening system. We really appreciated that Sinch tailored their solution to our needs. The team’s commitment and the quality of their API were determining factors in our choice to partner with Sinch,” Vincent Lefeuvre, COO at Yespark, explains.

Flash Call Verification enables fast user verification and access through a simple call to the smart boxes Yespark connects to car park entrances. “This call verification system offers a smooth experience to our users and allows us to secure access and track all entrances and exits.”


Results: Yespark parking app and Sinch Call Verification: a winning combo

With Flash Call Verification, thousands of Yespark users are able to access our car parks within seconds every day via their smartphone. For these drivers, city parking issues are now a thing of the past.

“Our users make thousands of verified calls every day, and all of them are successful,” explains Yespark’s COO. “Our customer experience is highly dependent on the success of these calls, and we are delighted with the service quality Sinch offers.”

More than 99% of our verification calls are successful with Sinch Flash Call Verification. I would highly recommend Sinch to any company with massive telecommunication needs.
Vincent Lefeuvre
COO, Yespark