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Find out how GoLive helps companies large and small better connect their end-users with Sinch’s industry-leading messaging technology and dedicated experts.
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Challenge: Deliver custom, simple mobile communication solutions for businesses across multiple industries

Solution: SMS, MMS, and Short Codes from Sinch — and personalized support from a dedicated expert team

Results: Successfully delivered messages and happy clients and end-users


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GoLive was born from a simple vision: creating an easy-to-use messaging platform for healthcare providers — one they could integrate in the blink of an eye. Fast forward 15 years and GoLive is now transforming the way businesses communicate across multiple industries with tailored omnichannel solutions. 

Learn how Sinch’s world-class technology and service help GoLive enable meaningful connections between businesses and their customers.

Challenge: Enabling live communication between businesses and end-users, in healthcare and beyond 

GoLive’s mission is about more than providing an easy platform for mobile engagement. It’s about offering custom solutions for each business and industry.  

The company started as a self-service SMS platform for healthcare providers but soon expanded its activity to new business territories. GoLive now allows businesses across multiple industries to get their message across and reach their communication goals with custom, reliable solutions.  

But doing so means adapting to each industry’s specific requirements and rules for mobile communications — and that’s no small task! 

GoLive needed a technology partner who gets it. One who’d be ready to go the extra mile and provide simple, personalized solutions to complex challenges.  

That’s where Sinch came in.

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Solution: World-class mobile engagement solutions supported by experts 

When the GoLive team kicked off a search for a new messaging provider, they knew it had to be a like-minded partner with a personalized approach to service and true dedication to their success. It also had to help bridge the gap between daily operations and regulatory compliance — a challenge GoLive’s former messaging partner couldn’t meet.  

Bill Eveleth, GoLive’s COO and CFO, explains: “In industries where messaging content is tightly controlled, some of our clients might need custom solutions to ensure their messages stay compliant and get through to the desired recipients. When we reached out to our previous messaging provider to get help for one of these clients, they couldn’t pull it off. But the Sinch team did.” 

So, how did we do it? Decades of industry experience and relationship-building with all major carriers certainly helped! 

Using mobile messaging in healthcare and many other sectors comes with specific challenges and often requires strategic guidance from experts — which makes working with a proven technology partner with experience in multiple industries a serious asset! 

GoLive is now relying on Sinch for one-way and two-way SMS and MMS messaging, enabling healthcare providers to send appointment or prescription notifications quickly and reliably and provide real-time support to patients. The company is also crafting tailored mobile messaging solutions for businesses in hospitality and other industries. 

Results: Meaningful connections, happy clients and end-users — and an exciting future ahead 

GoLive’s partnership with Sinch started in 2018 and the company hasn’t looked back since. And when the situation requires it, personalized support is always just a phone call away.  

“We had a situation where we were potentially going to lose one of our big customers,” Eveleth explains. “I got my Sinch account manager on the phone with the customer and she did a phenomenal job of walking them through the benefits of our solution. That’s a level of service you just can’t get from others. There are actual people I can talk to whenever I need to and they're very competent.” 

With Sinch as a technology partner, GoLive is now continuing its business expansion with the confidence that someone's got their back and is on hand to help them unlock new opportunities, no matter where they venture. 

Sinch provides a level of service you just can’t get from others! There are actual people I can talk to whenever I need to and they're very competent.
Bill Eveleth
COO and CFO, GoLive