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Customer Story
Find out how EE/BT improved interconnectivity and digital messaging with SMS Intelligent Hubbing from Sinch.
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Challenge: Find a balance between joint SMS agreements and hosted solutions to maximize profitability and efficiency

Solution: Sinch SMS intelligent hubbing solution

Results: Opened the door for trillions of SMS messages and huge operational cost savings


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United Kingdom

Telecommunications industry giant BT has seen a lot of changes in their time. Founded over 175 years ago, they know a thing or two about building a great customer experience on the communication channels customers prefer. The 2016 acquisition of Everything Everywhere (EE) - the UK’s largest mobile network - cemented BT’s position as the #1 provider of telecommunications services in the UK. But, like anyone else in the telecom industry, they needed to keep up with demand to ensure their loyal customer base remained true.

Challenge: Amping up real-time communications

To stay at the cutting edge of technology, EE/BT was looking for powerful functionality at the heart of its SMSC software to ensure improved interconnectivity and digital messaging that made a difference in the day-to-day lives of its customers.

On top of these needs, EE/BT wanted to cut down on the heavy admin load that comes with offering seamless global coverage – it’s not as easy as they make it look!

Solution: Cutting costs while improving service

Sunil Joshi, Sr. Roaming Manager, Global Roaming Products at EE/BT, explains why the Sinch solution met BT’s needs, “The Sinch solution was innovative, and it allowed us to optimize our messaging infrastructure, delivery, and revenue. We’re constantly under pressure to make cost reductions and improve business efficiency – the Sinch Virtual SMSC gave us everything we needed to do this.”

Results: Trillions of text messages sent in next to no time

“By reducing the operational overheads that come with managing 400 relationships into just one hub, EE/BT was able to make massive cost savings”, explains Joshi. “The Sinch SMS intelligent hubbing solution has shaved more than ten weeks off the legal and operational cycle that was in place. Plus, it was up and running in less than two weeks, with more than 400 joint agreements either discontinued or enabled in that short timeframe. Finally, the Sinch MNP footprint meant we kept subscriber disruption was kept to a minimum”.

Sinch Intelligent Interconnect helps reimagine the traditional telco operational SMSC, with a managed cloud virtual SMSC platform that's facilitated trillions of messages and brought significant savings on operational costs.
Sunil Joshi
Sr. Roaming Manager, Global Roaming Products, EE/BT