Boosting security and A2P message monetization

Customer Story
During the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile network operators played a crucial role in enabling digital infrastructure. Central to this was the ability of operators to effectively handle massive increases in the amount of A2P messages sent. The need to keep A2P messages secure was key, and for Mobicom, it was also important to fully monetize all their messaging.
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Challenge: Monetize and secure massive lift in A2P messaging driven by COVID-19

Solution: Sinch A2P Monetization to improve detection of grey routes

Results: Improved subscriber loyalty and more than one million fully monetized A2P messages per month


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Challenge: Stopping revenue leakage in real-time

“We wanted to make sure all A2P messages sent were tied to a commercial agreement,” Idermunkh Tsogbadrakh at Mobicom explains. “The more messages sent, the higher our losses could potentially be to those taking advantage of ‘grey routes’ to avoid paying for terminating traffic. With messaging volumes on the rise, we needed to get the situation under control quickly.”

Idermunkh Tsogbadrakh goes on to say that “We knew this was not a spike in traffic. It was part of an ongoing trend. We needed to prepare ourselves.”

Solution: Getting a handle on A2P SMS traffic

Mobicom assessed the marketplace and came up with a shortlist of suppliers to suit their needs based on reliability, flexibility, market profile, quality of leadership, track record, and experience in the A2P SMS messaging space.

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“We selected Sinch as our exclusive partner because of their wealth of experience in A2P monetization,” explains Idermunkh Tsogbadrakh. “We needed a total solution to ensure a quick time to market with minimal fuss.”

Thanks to Sinch’s A2P Monetization solution, Mobicom got a handle on terminating A2P traffic on their network in just 10 weeks!

Key to the success of this project for Mobicom was the powerful reporting capabilities that came along with the package as standard – it helped them get an accurate picture of what was happening on their network, something they had never had the pleasure of before. “We understood that to make the most of the skyrocketing A2P messaging business and tie-down revenue we had to get a clear picture of traffic on our network. Sinch’s A2P Monetization product ticked all the boxes for us.”

Results: A2P monetization that works

For Mobicom, the difference since signing up with Sinch has been significant. Not only are they now on top of the volume of international messaging on their network, but they are also enjoying the benefits that come along with a protected network free from illegitimate traffic and spam. As Idermunkh Tsogbadrakh says, “The gain for us has been not only optimized revenue in a fast-growing market but also customer loyalty as a result of reducing spam messages.”

Working with Sinch has helped us control the increased volume of international messaging by ensuring network protection, restricting spam and illegitimate traffic. All made possible by having full visibility of messaging traffic.
Idermunkh Tsogbadrakh
Director of Carrier Business, Mobicom