User Experience - UX

UX: user experience

What is UX? Those two letters have a lot of meaning! Here at Sinch UX is one of our very favorite things. At least when it’s done well. And that’s what we help you to ensure! That it is done well, that is. 

UX stands for user experience. (Yeah, we know, experience doesn’t start with an x...but whatever. We didn’t decide the acronym.) It’s about how a user experiences their interactions with your product, company, service, whatever. What are those interactions like, and how does the user perceive them?  


The importance of UX 

Here at Sinch we frequently talk about UX in a more specific context – that of CX (customer experience). It’s the same thing really, but CX is a specific type of UX – the UX that is the user experience of your customers as opposed to a different type of user.  

And why is this user/customer experience so important?  

Lots of reasons. Offering a good user experience makes it easier for customers to sign up or convert. It can also help build brand loyalty – if your users or customers enjoy their experience with you, they’re more likely to stick around. Why wouldn’t you want to boost conversions and reduce churn? 


How Sinch works with UX 

Defining a good UX depends on your product and needs. But here are a few factors you can consider – factors that we can help you with!  

  • Is it easy for users to find the content or answers they’re looking for? 

  • What’s the sign up and login process like?  

  • Do you have easy, secure identity verification?  

  • Can users get in touch when and where they want?  

  • Can support easily be handed off across various channels? 

  • Do users receive all the necessary notifications to make their lives easier? 

At Sinch we offer personalized messaging (from SMS to customized landing pages), various methods of verification, chatbots for handling customer support, and more. Take advantage of these tools to offer a top-notch UX!

Want to offer an incredible UX? We can help!

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