User Interface - UI

UI: user interface

This is for sure a phrase you’ve heard – but what is a user interface exactly? 

A user interface, frequently shortened to UI, is what people use to interact with computers or software on a phone. That could mean a webpage or app, the sliders, pictures, buttons, and text on those pages or apps, the pop-ups, the form fields...the whole layout. (Not to be confused with the different-but-related term UX – learn more about user experience glosarrylinik) 


The importance of UI 

So why should you care about the user interface? Well, put simply – because your users do! Do you want to give your customers a headache or a smooth, seamless experience? The user interface is a huge part of what makes their first impression go one way or the other. If you want customers to love your service, your product, and your company, then you need to consider the user interface! 


How Sinch works with UI 

What interface do you offer your customers right now? How do they interact with you? 

For instance, you might be using SMS to reach customers, and they might be responding to that number even if it’s not two-way enabled – meaning all those messages get lost. You could update that interface by including a link, like our customer AAA did.  

Or what about offering video as a part of the user interface in your app? You just made the UI a whole lot more engaging!

Want to offer an incredible UI? We can help!

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