What is opt-in

Opt-in is a permission that allows a business to send messages to a consumer via digital channels like email, mobile messaging, or app notifications

Consumers who opt-in will then receive promotional or informational communications from the company such as newsletters, product updates, special offers, etc.  

Why is opt-in important?  

Unsolicited messages aren’t only bad for a brand’s reputation, they can also be in breach of data protection laws and regulations. In many markets, opt-in is a pre-requisite to sending any type of marketing content to a customer’s email address or mobile phone number. Depending on the country, businesses can also be required to have an opt-out function included in their messages (“Text 'STOP' to unsubscribe”). 

With opt-in-based communications, users choose when to opt in or opt out. For businesses, this means increased customer trust and peace of mind regarding compliance issues.  

Opt-in also ensures consumers only receive content they’re interested in, making it an effective way for businesses to enhance customer experience and build deeper relationships with them.   


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