Omnichannel commerce

Omnichannel commerce

Let’s start by defining omnichannel; the rest will flow from there! 

Omni – in all ways or places 

Channel (for the purposes of this exercise) - a method or system of communication 

Put them together and you get omnichannel – seamless communication across all channels. 

Add commerce into the mix, and we’re talking about people buying products and services in the ways and on the channels that suit them. 


The importance of omnichannel commerce 

Let’s be honest, convenience and a positive user experience (UX) are what people want in today’s mobile-first online-shopping world. Get these two parts of the buying journey down, and you’re on the right path. 

An omnichannel UX – the ability to switch from a chatbot to a voice call, then follow up on Instagram or WhatsApp if that’s what your customer wants is crucial for happy, loyal customers. 


How Sinch works with omnichannel commerce 

At Sinch, we’re all about helping clients deliver mobile engagements that convert. Our range of APIs, channels, and solutions work hard to keep it simple – for you and your customers. Relax, you’re in safe hands. 

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