Omnichannel messaging

What is omnichannel messaging?

Omnichannel messaging consists in communicating with your audience seamlessly across all the messaging channels they use, thus enabling unified, relevant interactions and experiences.  

Messaging makes it easier to tackle omnichannel and meet customers on their own terms across the entire customer journey. Instead of juggling between your website, business app, and other touchpoints, customers can engage with your brand through their favorite messaging apps.   


How does Sinch work with omnichannel messaging? 

We've got powerful messaging APIs and solutions built with omnichannel engagement in mind, allowing you easily to expand your reach, drive more conversions through personalized, compelling messaging campaigns, deliver top-notch service, and showcase your brand across all the channels your customers use. 


What are the benefits of partnering with Sinch for omnichannel messaging? 

From personalized messaging campaigns to chatbots and voicebots, or real-time customer care, we’ve got everything you need to create a seamless omnichannel experience that drives engagement, conversions, and loyalty. 

Sinch’s Conversation API lets you engage customers with rich media and personalized content on any messaging channel through a single connection while retaining context and continuity for a seamless customer experience. And of course, it integrates seamlessly with any of your existing tools! 

We've also got a whole suite of turnkey marketing solutions for omnichannel campaigns, customer care, and AI-powered mobile conversations. 

Being a leader in cloud communications also means we ensure your messages always get delivered quickly and reliably, wherever your recipients are. 

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