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Why use a conversation platform?

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Businesses need to step up their game

Did you know that a recent Gartner study found 80% of companies surveyed expect to compete mainly on customer experience?

It's ignited a race to accelerate CX transformation across an almost mind-blowing range of digital channels to build a better customer journey. 

Why is the customer journey important?

It's not rocket science. People expect brands to speak to them as individuals. A killer customer journey that meets customers exactly where they are in their relationship with a brand is the key to improving engagement. Personalized content tailored to unique needs and interests is critical. It shouldn't be a secret that the route to success lies in treating customers as an individual segment of one!

If businesses don't put the most relevant channels to work, poor levels of customer engagement will surely follow. But used well, the right digital channel can provide opportunities to reduce churn, grow revenues, improve efficiencies, and build brand loyalty.

Here's another stat to back that up. McKinsey found businesses that take a more connected approach to the overall customer journey increase customer satisfaction from 56 to 117 percent.

Boost digital engagement by 10x

Personalized messaging, voice, and video can improve consumer approval, accelerate growth and business profitability on a grand scale - 10 times in some cases. The key to success is to understand the strengths of each channel and how each individual interaction adds value as part of the overall customer journey. 

The most efficient channel will vary with each situation. You can be sure, though, that SMS, MMS, RCS, Chat Apps, Social Apps, email, push notifications, and live voice or voice calls all have a big part to play in a well-crafted digital customer experience.

Using the right channel, at the right time, to the right individual will send customer engagement levels soaring. But it's also important to remember that to really get noticed, every message should be tailored to suit the needs of each end-user. 

Genuine engagement relies on one-to-one communications. Handling this at scale calls for a sophisticated technology partner - we can help with that!

The Sinch advantage

We deliver engagement. Simple.

Our cloud communications platform reaches 100% of the world’s mobile phones, in seconds or less, through messaging, voice, and video. Sign up online to use our easily integrated APIs or contact our team of experts. Either way, you'll get the results you're looking for minus drawn-out, expensive integration projects.

Right now, we're reducing churn by 20% for some of the largest US brands and operators. How? Through personalized, immersive, and unique video messaging.

Mobile messaging breaks through the noise like no other channel. Open rates of 98% and 90% of messages read in 3 minutes? It really is a no-brainer. 

Done right, mobile messaging can dramatically improve overall engagement, reduce churn, lower no-show rates, increase read rates, and boost Net Promoter Scores.

This is the power of cloud communications - technology to transform the digital brand experience.

Find out more about the benefits of mobile messaging!