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Why global enterprise messaging is a Sinch!

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The new identity integrates all the products and services that were previously marketed under the CLX, Symsoft, Sinch, and Vehicle brands within a single new offering, designed to redefine how enterprises engage and interact with their customers.

That’s important because today’s consumers want to talk to brands and businesses in the same way that they talk to their friends and family members. It follows that connecting with them on their mobile devices requires content and services that are both personal and relevant.

Sinch offers an innovative toolbox and raft of powerful proven solutions such as RCS messaging, personalized messaging, video and voice as well as SMS, bringing businesses and consumers together to increase customer service, sales and precious loyalty.

“We are all about enriching engagement. In other words, helping enterprises enrich their conversations with consumers. We used to do that with a humble text message but over the years we’ve added voice and video capabilities and more higher-end services – personalization, number masking, verification, so much more services on top of the transport that we do.”

Watch the video interview with Robert and MEF from this year’s Mobile World Congress to learn more about Sinch and our journey to consolidate the company’s position as the world’s largest enterprise messaging provider.

“The rebrand to Sinch is not so much a change in strategy for our company, but emphasizes the trajectory that we are on.”