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Welcoming myElefant to the Sinch family!

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Sinch is very pleased to announce that we have acquired myElefant, a cloud-based software platform that uses rich, interactive messaging to deliver awesome customer experiences.

The purchase extends Sinch’s comprehensive set of CPaaS products and services, which includes SMS, RCS, WhatsApp Business API, personalized video, voice and an award-winning tier-one mobile operator network.

myElefant’s low-code design tools let businesses create immersive media experiences with minimal development time - a proven go-to-market model. The company an early adopter of conversational messaging technologies like RCS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp and has also pioneered the use of mobile landing pages.

It’s a highly relevant acquisition for Sinch because, in the background, two key trends are operating. Firstly, consumers continue to shift to a mobile-first mind-set, this means that Enterprises need to find ways to interact, that meets consumers where they hang-out - online, on mobile. In tandem consumers increasingly expect that interaction to be two-way, a conversation that answers a particular need that is frequently felt in the moment – context is king!

Nothing beats the intimacy and immediacy of messaging to reach consumers, while advances in formats and techniques like RCS and personalization mean that the opportunity to engage consumers with rich media and conversation is huge.  With myElefant onboard Sinch, now has a sophisticated SaaS platform that offers a step-change in customer experience (CX), which is highly important to our Enterprise customers around the world. Why? According to Gartner CX is the new marketing battlefront.

More than two-thirds of marketers responsible for CX in its 2017 marketing survey say their companies compete mostly on the basis of CX. And in two years’ time (today), 81% say they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of CX. As good CX (mobile) practice shifts from simple notification or addressing a customer by their first name in an email promotion, to scrutinising the customer journey and opening up new channels for conversation, it is messaging that holds the key. And, as a rule of thumb, the richer the message, the longer and more immersive that interaction becomes.

According to myElefant data, simple messages engage consumers for an average of three seconds, rich messages extend that engagement to 45 seconds, whereas conversational (two-way) messages strike up a whopping 120 seconds average for each engagement. In the economy of attention, these numbers are hard to ignore. It follows that Enterprises need to select appropriate moments in the user journey for reaching out and responding, to ensure that the customer experience is delivered as a personal on-message interaction – not just for sales but at churn points or as part of onboarding for example. Secondly, the shift towards software as a service or SaaS has accelerated because it dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership for adopting software and solves scaling challenges, allowing Enterprises and brands to focus primarily on the great products and services that make them amazing rather than solving complex IT issues.

myElefant sits perfectly, in this space. Its SaaS platform is already delivering customer experiences and messaging campaigns for some of the world’s most distinctive brands and Enterprises including Orange, Nespresso and Nissan.

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