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Sinch + Wavy: Dreaming big to innovate tomorrow’s customer engagement

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Sinch has agreed to combine with Wavy to advance innovation globally and to build a leading position in next-generation conversational marketing in Latin America and around the world. (You can read more here).

Each company has a people-first culture that powers its success.

Sinch’s guiding principle is a belief in delegating responsibilities, not tasks. This is partly based on basic Scandinavian values like respect for the individual and high work ethics that enable a fundamental trust in other people. Our company strongly believes in empowering others.

Wavy’s parent company, Movile, a leading ecosystem of technology companies in Latin America, has a big dream to have its employees make life better for more than one billion people through its apps.

And strong within both organizations is an entrepreneurial DNA that bears fruit every day.

Sounds exciting, right? There’s more.

Sinch’s platform drives more than 40 billion engagements each year, with the ability to reach nearly every mobile phone on the planet, in seconds or less, through mobile messaging, voice and video. Our scalable cloud communications platform for messaging, voice and video goes beyond text to include videos, pictures, action buttons and ultimately, conversations.

Wavy brings two important components into the Sinch fold — extensive reach, through its profitable business messaging services that connect major brands with their customers in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia and Peru; and disruptive innovation, through the solutions it jointly developed with more than 500 global brand customers that will extend Sinch’s conversational messaging capabilities on SMS, RCS, WhatsApp and Apple Business Messaging.

Big innovation, bigger dreams 

Wavy’s people and culture truly makes this combination a whole that is much larger than the sum of its parts.

A photo of Wavy's futurewall

We are particularly taken by the “move fast and break things” ethos espoused by Wavy’s CEO, Eduardo Henrique, which he picked up during his half-dozen years as a technology leader in Silicon Valley. Under his stewardship, Wavy encourages its self-described company of “nerds” to be passionate, restless, innovative, and disruptive … and to dream big.

In fact, the company brings their dreams to work — figuratively, and, with its prominent “future wall” in its entryway, quite literally. Inspired by Eduardo and Movile’s other founders, Wavy’s employees are encouraged to post their dreams — professional and personal. These dreams are a major driver of Wavy’s success.

Enterprise customers relying on Wavy’s SMS capabilities include financial institutions Caixa and CitiBanamex as well as Atento, the global Business Process Outsourcing provider. A strong commitment to innovation has also seen Wavy develop a leading position in next-generation, conversational messaging over WhatsApp. Customers in this segment include Latin American food delivery leader iFood, beauty group Avon and ticket sales specialist Ingresso Rápido. This innovative business is now seeing year-on-year growth above 200 percent.

In one use case, Wavy has positively affected business outcomes for Ingresso Rápido, the leading ticket sales and event management company in Brazil. Through conversational messaging, Ingresso Rápido has seen a 45 percent reduction in call center costs and 70 percent of customers satisfied.

These are times in which we are all seeking greater ways to connect. The demand is there — consumers and businesses alike are ready to embrace conversational messaging on chat and messaging apps, in lieu of voice calls — to take action on an alert, to interact with support, to handle two-factor authentication or to respond to an offer, among other actions.

Wavy brings us tremendous new capabilities to make these connections more comprehensive and ultimately, more valuable. So today, we extend a hearty welcome to the Wavy team as we join our companies … and our dreams.

And welcome to Movile, which will become a Sinch shareholder and an important driver of our company’s future journey.