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Sinch receives ROCCO tier one rating

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Great things come to those who work for them! We are so honored to announce that Sinch has again been ranked as a tier one SMS vendor in the 2021 A2P SMS vendor benchmarking report, conducted by Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO) Research.  

The report ranks the industry’s leading A2P SMS messaging vendors, based on scores and feedback from over 305 mobile network operators (MNOs) in 188 countries. Only vendors that score higher than four out of five in every category receive the tier one rating.  So what areas are measured, you ask? Well, reliability, technical expertise, customer service, value for money, transparency for a start! And of course quality of service.

Sinch scored high marks in all categories, with an overall rating above 4.52. Not to brag, but some of our strengths are reliability (where we scored 4.62), understanding the industry (4.65), global reach (4.65), and direct operator connections (4.6).    This is the seventh year that ROCCO Research has released the report.   “Consistently, Sinch has appeared as a top vendor in ROCCO’s global vendor benchmarking for A2P SMS messaging,” says Jason Bryan, CEO at ROCCO Research. “Following on from their success in our RCS research last year, in this year’s A2P SMS research with global mobile operators, Sinch was again voted a tier one vendor. It’s clear there is a lot of respect for the brand, and the range of products and service they bring to the market.” 

Here at Sinch, of course we’re thrilled. Scoring a tier one place is proof of our commitment to our customers and offering them top-quality service in a changing world.   A2P messaging has exploded in this “new normal", opening unique opportunities for MNOs to boost revenue. But it’s not all smooth sailing! As the volume of A2P messages increases, so does the need to keep those messages safe. And to make sure everything is in place to fully monetize the sky-rocketing volumes. Sinch’s ongoing top performances in the ROCCO benchmarking report is evidence that we’re keeping customers’ A2P businesses performing at the highest possible level.  And we’re proud! 

Looking for an A2P SMS provider? Work with a trusted partner. Contact us to find out more about why the global mobile network operator community rates Sinch so highly.