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20+ promotional text message examples you’ll love

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Looking for ways to spice up your SMS marketing campaigns and boost sales? You're not alone. With 58% of consumers subscribing to receive promotions and sale alerts, it's clear that customers are eager to hear from you through this convenient marketing channel. 

But crafting the perfect promotional SMS can be a head scratcher. You want to grab your audience's attention, showcase your products or services, and drive conversions – all in just a few short sentences. 

That's where we come in. In this post, we've gathered over 20 examples of smart promotional text messages from top brands in various industries.

What is a promotional text message?

A promotional text message is a type of SMS marketing that businesses use to inform customers about special offers, discounts, or limited-time deals. These messages grab attention, create a sense of urgency, and ultimately drive sales. 

Perhaps you think of promotional texts as the digital equivalent of traditional advertising like billboards – but instead of just catching glances, they land right in your customers' pockets through their mobile devices.  

But a better comparison is to email marketing or even a one-on-one conversation with a sales representative. Unlike a traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertisement that’s available to anyone passing by, SMS campaign subscribers have opted in to hear from you. They want and expect to get updates and offers.  

This represents a more permission-based marketing approach that can result in high response rates and deeper customer relationships.

With a well-crafted promotional SMS message, you can: 

  • Announce a flash sale that expires in 24 hours 

  • Share a coupon code for 20% off in honor of a holiday weekend 

  • Invite loyal customers to an exclusive VIP event with early access to new products

  • ...And more! 

promotional SMS message example

Promotional text message example that highlights a discount. 

How to write a good promotional SMS + best practices

Roughly a quarter of consumers have made a purchase from a text in the last year. But to get a response like that, you need to follow some best practices that boost click-through rates: 

  • Get opt-in consent: Research shows that 88% of consumers say their favorite brand uses their data in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Ensure that everyone on your list agrees to be contacted by SMS and provide clear unsubscribe instructions, like by texting a short code

  • Keep it concise: Aim for 160 characters max to ensure your message fits in a single text and is easy to read. Concise messages respect your customers' time and attention so they may be more likely to read and act upon them – especially in the long-term. 

  • Personalize messages: Use the customer’s name or location to personalize your texts and make them more relevant and valuable to each recipient. Personalization increases engagement and builds a stronger connection between your brand and customers. 

  • Avoid public URL shorteners and all caps: These tactics trigger spam filters and make your messages look unprofessional. Maintain a clear and trustworthy image to build customer confidence. 

  • Ensure compliance: Work with your legal team to ensure your text messages comply with all applicable laws and regulations. SMS compliance protects your business from legal issues and shows your commitment to ethical marketing practices. 

  • Mind your timing: Avoid sending messages late at night or early in the morning when customers are likely to find them intrusive. Respectful timing shows you value your customers' personal space. 

  • Include a clear call to action (CTA): Encourage customers to take the next step, whether it's shopping for a sale, claiming a coupon, or signing up for an event. A clear CTA guides customers toward the desired action and drives measurable results for your campaign. 

  • Prioritize customer needs: Provide genuine value rather than simply promoting your products. Center your messages on solving customer problems or improving their experience with your brand to improve customer retention and loyalty. 

Promotional text message examples and templates

It can be difficult to visualize these best practices when they're just instructions.  

But here's a solution: text message templates for promotional and transactional SMS. These ready-to-use SMS templates and examples put best practices into action. Simply copy, paste, and customize these templates to fit your brand's unique voice and products.


1. Welcome messages

Welcome SMS messages set expectations, build trust, and drive engagement right from the start for new customers. This template can help you create a warm, inviting introduction to your brand.  

Welcome to the [Brand] family, [Name]! Get ready for insider access to our latest drops & secret sales. Check your inbox for a surprise!

Reply STOP to opt out  

(158 characters) 

Or, you can use this one to provide an enticing offer and encourage quick action.  

[Name], you're in! We can't wait to share our newest arrivals with you. Enjoy free shipping on your first order. Use code FREESHIP.

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(154 characters) 


2. New store openings

Opening a new store location? That's a big deal – and the perfect opportunity to get your SMS subscribers excited and engaged. Use personalization, exclusive offers, and a sense of urgency to drive that foot traffic and create buzz around your new location. 

It's finally here, [Name]! Our [location] store is now open. Be one of the first to shop and enjoy [XX]% off your purchase. See you soon!

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(159 characters) 

This promotional text message example can help you announce a VIP grand opening:  

[Name], you're invited to the VIP grand opening of our [location] store! Show this text for a special gift with purchase. Don't miss out!

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(160 characters)


3. Product launches and promotions

Got a new product or promotion you're itching to share with your customers? Text them. 

Use SMS to give subscribers an exclusive sneak peek, a special discount, or early access to your latest and greatest offerings. It's like having a direct line to your biggest fans. 

[Name], get ready to fall in love with our new [product]! Use code NEWLOVE for [XX]% off your purchase. Shop now at [link].

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(146 characters) 

Use this template to offer early access to the sale.  

[Name], as a valued customer, you get early access to our [product] sale! Enjoy [XX]% off for the next 24 hours. Shop now at [link].

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(154 characters)


4. Limited edition releases

There's something special about limited edition products. They're exclusive; they're unique; and they have that "gotta have it" factor that customers can't resist. 

The secret to using text messages to promote limited-edition releases is to create a fear of missing out (FOMO). Also, make your subscribers feel special with early access, exclusive discounts, or even a sneak-peek, behind-the-scenes look. 

Limited offer, [Name]! Our [product] drops tomorrow at [XX] am! Set your alarm and get ready to shop. Once it's gone, it's gone! [link]

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(157 characters)

You can use this template to give subscribers limited VIP access.  

[Name], as a VIP member, you get first dibs on our [product] limited edition! Shop now and get free shipping with code VIPSHIP. [link]

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(156 characters)


5. Flash sales

Want to create a sense of excitement and urgency around your products? That’s what flash sales do best. 

These short-term, high-discount promotions move inventory, boost sales, and build buzz around your brand. 

[Name], surprise! For the next 24 hours, get [XX]% off our [product] collection. Use code FLASH[XX] at checkout. [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(140 characters)

Or, try this template to create a sense of urgency. 

Tick tock, [Name]! Our flash sale ends in 6 hours. Get [product] for just $[price] before time runs out. [link]

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(135 characters)


6. Early access sales

Give your subscribers the red-carpet treatment with early access sales.  

When you give a select group of people first dibs on your latest products or promotions, they feel like they're part of an exclusive club. The result? Higher engagement, stronger brand loyalty, and more frequent purchases. 

Psst, [Name]! Our new collection drops tomorrow, but you can shop it now with your VIP early access link. [link]

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(134 characters) 

This example can help you offer early access to holiday shopping.  

[Name], get a head start on holiday shopping with early access to our gift guide! Use code EARLYBIRD for [XX]% off. [link]

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(144 characters)


7. Black Friday specials

Black Friday is like the holiday rush at a busy airport. If you're not using SMS marketing to reach your customers, you're allowing your competitors to board the flight while you’re stuck at the terminal. 

In 2023, Black Friday shoppers in the U.S. spent a whopping $9.8 billion, up 7.5% from the previous year. With the right text message strategy, you can grab a piece of that pie this year. 

[Name], our Black Friday sale starts now! Get [XX]% off sitewide + free shipping with code BLACKFRIDAY. Shop now: [link]

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(142 characters)

Use this template when you want to highlight budget-friendly options.  

[Name], don't miss out on our biggest Black Friday deals yet! Shop our top picks under $[XX]. [link]

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(123 characters)


8. Seasonal clearance sales

For some shoppers, clearance racks are like a treasure hunt. The differences between the "original prices" and the marked-down rates draw them in and leave the impression these deals are just too good to pass up. 

Hello [Name], our summer clearance sale starts now! Get up to [XX]% off swimwear, sandals, and more. Shop now before it's gone: [link]

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(156 characters)

You can use this promotional text message template when you want to create a sense of urgency for your clearance sale.  

Last chance, [Name]! Our fall clearance sale ends tonight. Take an extra [XX]% off already reduced prices with code EXTRA[XX]. [link]

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(155 characters)


9. Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal. Discounts tap into the universal desire to get the most value for one's money. In fact, 74% of customers consider offers and promotions key in keeping them loyal to their favorite brand. 

[Name], take [XX]% off your next purchase with code SMS[XX]! Shop now and save on our latest collection. [link]

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(137 characters)

This template is perfect for offering tiered discounts:  

[Name], for a limited time, get $[XX] off your order of $[XX] or more! Use code [XX]OFF at checkout. [link]

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(129 characters)


10. Mobile coupons

Mobile coupons delivered via SMS drive in-store traffic, boost sales and encourage customer loyalty. Plus, with the ability to track redemption rates and customer behavior, you get juicy insights into what offers resonate with your audience. 

[Name], flash your phone at checkout to get $[XX] off your next in-store purchase of $[XX] or more! Offer ends Sunday.

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(142 characters)

This example is great for promoting mobile app usage:  

[Name], use code MOBILEDEAL for [XX]% off your next order! Shop now on our mobile app. [link]

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(115 characters)


11. Free shipping

Free shipping is a powerful motivator for online shoppers. According to Wunderman Thompson, almost half of shoppers worldwide buy directly from brands with free delivery. 

Free shipping removes a key barrier to purchase and provides your customers with a compelling reason to choose your brand over competitors. Trackable links and unique promo codes also attribute sales directly to your SMS campaign. 

[Name], we've got great news! Free shipping on all orders over $[XX] this weekend only. Use code FREESHIP at checkout. [link]

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(147 characters) 

Or, use this promotional example to emphasize convenience:  

[Name], for a limited time, enjoy free shipping on your next purchase! Shop now and save. [link]

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(118 characters)


12. Abandoned cart reminders

The average shopping cart abandonment rate globally is a staggering 73%. That means nearly three out of every four potential customers leave items behind in their online carts. 

But abandoned cart reminders turn those lost sales opportunities in omnichannel ecommerce into sales. Timely text messages to customers who’ve left items in their cart gently nudge them to complete their purchase while the intent to buy is still fresh in their minds. 

[Name], you left something behind! Complete your purchase now and get [XX] % off your order with code COMEBACK[XX]. [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(144 characters) 

You can also use this concise reminder.  

[Name], your cart is waiting! Don't miss out on [product name]. Click to complete your purchase: [link]

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(125 characters)


13. Birthday discounts

When it comes to brands they're loyal to, customers expect a little something extra. More than half of customers anticipate that their favorite brands will know and acknowledge their birthday.  

And what better way to show your customers you care than by sending them a unique discount on their special day?

Here’s what's great about birthday discounts: They show your customers you really care. That you're not just another faceless brand, but a company that values their business and appreciates them as individuals. 

Happy birthday, [Name]! To celebrate, we're giving you [XX]% off your next purchase. Use code BDAY[XX] at checkout. [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(144 characters)

Here’s another good example to make a subscriber feel special on their birthday. 

[Name], it's your special day! Treat yourself to $[XX] off any purchase of $[XX] or more. Use code BIRTHDAYGIFT at checkout. [link]

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(153 characters)


14. Event notifications

With the right message, transform any event into a must-attend spectacle. Whether it's a seasonal sale, an exclusive webinar, or an in-store event, the excitement begins the moment your SMS hits their phones. 

Mark your calendars, [Name]! Our exclusive event is almost here. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience. Details: [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(149 characters)

You can also use promotional messages to give them a teaser of the event: 

[Name], are you ready for something amazing? Join us for our special event and be part of the excitement! Details here: [link]

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(148 characters)


15. Feedback requests

Feedback requests are like sitting down for a coffee with your customers and asking, "So, what do you think?" It opens up that friendly dialogue and makes every customer feel heard and valued. 

Hey [Name], did we hit the mark? Share thoughts on your recent experience with us. We're all ears! Click to give feedback: [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(159 characters)

You can also use this conversational example to request feedback:  

[Name], we're curious! How was your experience with [product/service]? Let's make your next visit even better. Share feedback: [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(155 characters)


16. Product reviews

Product reviews are like a compass for online shopping. They help future customers make smart choices and give you clear feedback on how your products are doing. 

[Name], we hope you're enjoying your purchase! Would you mind sharing your thoughts? Share your experience here: [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(141 characters)

You can use this template to encourage feedback:  

Your opinion matters, [Name]! We'd love to hear what you think about [product name]. Your feedback is invaluable. Leave a review: [link]

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(158 characters)


17. Customer loyalty programs

Want to keep your customers coming back for more? A loyalty program might just be the answer. Over 50% of respondents in a study said a loyalty program would make them continue purchasing from a brand—even more than good customer service and positive on-site search experiences. 

And SMS is the perfect way to keep your loyalty program top of mind. With consistently scheduled text messages you can remind customers of their points balance, alert them to new rewards or perks, encourage them to take advantage of exclusive offers, and celebrate milestones and achievements. 

[Name], you're just 100 points away from a $10 reward! Earn double points on all purchases this weekend. [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(133 characters)

Alternatively, you can use this template if you have a VIP program.  

Congratulations, [Name]! You've reached VIP status in our loyalty program. Enjoy free shipping on all orders for the next 30 days.

Reply STOP to opt out

(152 characters)


18. VIP specials

Everyone loves to feel like a VIP. And by offering exclusive deals and perks to your best customers via SMS, you can make them feel like true insiders. 

VIP specials make your top customers feel valued and appreciated and create a sense of exclusivity and belonging. 

[Name], exclusive VIP sale happening now! Take an extra [XX]% off sale prices. Use code VIPSALE at checkout. [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(137 characters)

Use this template to invite VIPs to an in-store event:  

Attention VIPs: We've reserved a special gift just for you. Visit us in store this weekend to claim yours. No purchase necessary.

Reply STOP to opt out

(150 characters)


19. Cross-sell

Suggest complementary products to your customers based on their current or past purchases. Cross-selling and upselling can increase average order value and customer lifetime value – a win-win for both your business and your customers. 

[Name], thanks for your purchase of [product]! You might also like [complementary product]. Get [XX]% off with code BUNDLE20. [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(154 characters)

Or, you can use this template to encourage someone to explore something else:  

Love your new [product], [Name]? Complete the look with our [complementary product]. Click to shop now: [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(132 characters)


20. Giveaways

Let's be real: people love free stuff. And when you combine the power of giveaways with the immediacy of text message marketing, magic happens. 

Think about it: Giveaways are fun and engaging – a surefire way to get people excited about your brand.  

Congratulations, [Name]! You've been selected as a finalist in our [prize] giveaway. Click to complete your entry: [link]

Reply STOP to opt out

(143 characters)

You can use this promotional text message to create urgency:  

[Name], last chance to enter our [prize] giveaway! Text GIVEAWAY to [12345] before midnight tonight. Good luck!

Reply STOP to opt out

(131 characters)

Real-life promotional text message examples we love

Looking for some inspiration to kickstart your promotional SMS campaigns? These case studies show the real-world impact of SMS marketing done right.


Vail Resorts achieves personalization at scale

Vail Resorts, a leading global mountain resort operator, knew they needed to improve their direct channel marketing – specifically targeted mobile marketing – to create a more consistent, personalized experience for each customer.  

With Sinch's help, Vail Resorts created a broader opt-in SMS program that delivered engaging, personalized content to guests.

screenshot of Vail resorts texts

Promotional text message example that showcases Vail Resorts’ texts.

Matt Reid, Vice President of Omni-Channel Marketing at Vail Resorts, said it best. 

"There are ways for us to be more playful in mobile messaging that allow you to grab attention and really come to the front of someone's phone, rather than being buried in their inbox."

The result? Stronger relationships and higher sales.


Nissan Europe re-engages loyal customers

For automobile manufacturers, maintaining strong customer relationships can be challenging due to the lengthy customer life cycle.  

Nissan Europe tackled this head-on by partnering with Sinch and Adobe Campaign to make mobile messaging the heart of its customer relations strategy. With personalized Rich SMS campaigns, Nissan Europe can now connect with customers at the right time with relevant information, whether it's a reminder for routine maintenance or an alert about an exciting new model.

Images on nissan offers on a cell phone

Promotional text message example that showcases Nissan Europe’s Rich SMS.


Parfym drives Black Friday success

Parfym.se, an established player in the Nordic online beauty retail scene, knew it needed to improve its SMS strategy to stand out during the hectic Black Friday shopping season.  

With Sinch's user-friendly platform, Parfym.se created stunning, personalized landing pages and engaging content that transformed run-of-the-mill SMS promos into immersive, must-click experiences.  

The results were incredible: open rates soared above 90%, with most customers engaging with the messages within 15 minutes of receiving them. 

When executed with precision and relevance, a well-timed, visually appealing text can be the secret weapon in any retailer's holiday marketing lineup.

Start sending promotional text messages

These templates are a great starting point for your SMS marketing strategy. But they’re also just one piece of the puzzle – choosing the right SMS provider and understanding the importance of an SMS API is key to getting started on the right foot. 

But that’s easier than you think. With Sinch, you can be up and running in just a few simple steps: 

  1. Sign up for a free account on the Sinch Customer Dashboard

  1. Get a free virtual phone number for sending test messages.

  1. Get credentials.

  1. Select a language and follow our instructions to set up a simple application.

Sign up today and start sending promotional text messages that will have your customers clicking and converting in no time.