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Our notification system has had a makeover!

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Over the past few months we’ve been busy working on a new system to help ensure the technical notifications you receive from us are relevant. Testing is complete and now we’re ready to share it with the world.

If you’re looking to tailor notifications to your own specific requirements (and let’s face it who isn’t), then we’ve got you covered at: https://status.sinch.com. Here you'll be able to configure not only what information you’d like to receive, but also how you’d like to receive it!

We’ve taken your feedback on board and built one common platform for our technical communications. This platform will be a central point for all Support and Service Operations notifications going forward.

The new system allows us to notify you much more quickly in your specific areas of concern. In short, you can tailor everything to suit your specific needs.

One thing we’re particularly proud of is that you’ll be able to choose exactly how we notify you:

  • Email – like the emails we send today, but with each email you’ll also receive a link to manage your subscription so you can remove irrelevant content
  • Text – receive text messages direct to your mobile phone
  • RSS feed / Atom feed – opt in via the subscription button in the interface
  • Webhook – set up a URL that we can post information to and we’ll send information direct to a Slack or a Microsoft Teams channel. Check out the screen shot below to see how updates would appear in a Microsoft Teams channel!

Here’s a quick example of how our new interface could work for you:

Let's say you're based in Europe and using our SMPP API to deliver messages to the EMEA region, you'd need to subscribe to the following components:

Messaging API - EU - SMPP

Connectivity by region - SMS - EMEA

This ensures you won’t receive information about other regions, APIs or issues that aren’t relevant to you. There’s also the flexibility for many people in one company to configure their own profile. So if you’ve got several teams covering different issues or areas, each one can have their own set up to suit their individual needs.

Sound good? You can sign up at https://status.sinch.com and start configuring your notifications right now – it’s quick and easy to get started.

We plan to go live on the 9th December with this new interface, at which point we will stop sending technical notifications via our current tool. You should already have received an email letting you know about this change. One important thing to note is that we will not be moving clients over to this new system automatically. You will need to sign up and configure your own profile to make sure it’s set up to suit you and the notifications you're interested in.

Once subscribed, feel free to let your Account Manager know, so we can edit your current technical subscription. Contact them directly or drop an email to [email protected]. This will ensure you avoid receiving duplicate notices up until the 9th December.

Need any help, or have any more questions? Reach out to your Account Manager, email [email protected], or if you’re ready to sign up, head on over to https://status.sinch.com to start getting notifications in ways that suit you!