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Introducing the Sinch API Explorer


CPaaS · 25/09/2015 · 1 min read

by Sinch

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Sinch API Explorer

The Sinch API Explorer is a new tool accessible from our Portal that easily lets you explore and interact with our REST APIs. Within a few clicks, you can discover what methods are available for each product and what parameters are needed; make requests and see responses in real time, and; understand clearly how requests, headers and signatures are generated.


  1. Login into the Sinch Portal and select API Explorer in the left hand menu.
  2. Select a product area and a specific API together with an app key.
  3. The parameters used for this particular method will be displayed and the request will be built dynamically as you type.
  4. That’s it! You can make your first API request directly from your browser. The request details (method, URL, headers, body) are displayed together with the API response. If you want to know how the authorization header was built, click on the authorization signature to expand and get more details.


The API Explorer is an easy way to discover Sinch products. You can for example learn how to send a SMS and retrieve its delivery status; discover the Sinch Callout API to invite users for a conference call, or; explore how the Sinch Verification API makes it simple to integrate phone number verification into your app


For questions, comments or support, you know we’d be happy to help. Tweet us @WeAreSinch or add your question to Stack Overflow.