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gAIn without the pAIn - How Sinch and Adobe picture a rich messaging future

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What’s the biggest barrier to a seamless customer journey? Communication. Adobe Journey Optimizer is at the forefront of a new era of solutions designed to orchestrate and optimize complex customer journeys. It’s an amazing tool that can harmonize scheduled and real-time individualized omnichannel experiences on a massive scale – and now Sinch is able to support Adobe Journey Optimizer in further enabling AJO’s seamless interactions and messaging.

Communication is all about dialogue - think of the last conversation you had where you didn’t say anything. Call that a conversation? No, nor do we.

At the risk of getting evangelical, we think this is a massive opportunity to drive the idea of conversational messaging forward. Adobe has proven tech that builds great customer experiences and Sinch adds value is in how we interact with people; this year, Gartner predicts that 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms every day.

That’s a huge customer base, just waiting for engagement. Always-on, interactive experiences that can truly transform how companies engage with people - from customer service to conversational commerce.

“Joining forces with Adobe enables Sinch to provide vital omnichannel messaging services on a global scale — a critical component of any enterprise-grade marketing strategy.” 

Anders Olin, President, Enterprise and Messaging, and COO at Sinch.

Sinch and Adobe’s expanded partnership comes hot on the heels of Sinch’s recent collaboration with Adobe Experience Cloud to enable customers to natively drive interaction over messaging channels via integration with Sinch’s Conversation API.

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But this new collaboration, with Sinch becoming a Premier Partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, is all about reaching people where they are. Adobe’s partnership with Sinch will allow for ease of interaction, allowing for seamless engagement Think: AI-powered, intuitive conversational process that allows customers - both new and existing - to easily engage with support, customer service, or purchasing. On any channel. Whenever. Wherever.

“Adobe consistently raises the bar in marketing automation for the enterprise, and we’re delighted to enhance personalized customer experiences with Sinch’s conversational technology. As one of Adobe’s CPaaS providers of choice, Sinch joins a suite of esteemed leaders across industries in our Premier Partner program.”

Emily Wenzler, Head of Alliance management at Adobe. 

Conversation, like commerce, is now global. So, we have to start thinking the same way. Businesses naturally want to reach everyone on the planet - but for those businesses to succeed, they need people to be able to answer back.

Think of it this way, with our integration, customers can work from anywhere, on any device, through multiple platforms. You can read about the Adobe Journey Optimizer & Sinch integration experience here

So why wouldn’t they talk to (and listen to) their customers in the same way?

Like we said. Sinch.