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Adobe + Sinch: One platform, all channels, the entire customer journey

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Today we’ve got very exciting news – not just for us, but for all businesses invested in offering the best customer experience possible.  

We’ve teamed up with Adobe on the new Journey Optimizer platform, making it easier than ever for you to send conversational messaging campaigns to your customers!   

We're a long-time partner of Adobe, and we’re honored and proud to be involved with this incredible new application. The Adobe Journey Optimizer is built into the Adobe Experience Platform and combines pretty much all the messaging features you could want. For example: 

  • a unified, real-time customer profile 
  • an integrated message composer 
  • the ability to send messages - both one- and two-way 
  • a customer journey design-builder 
  • artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help you personalize that customer journey.

“Thanks to this collaboration, Adobe customers can transform their mobile customer experiences,” says Vikram Khandpur, Sinch’s SVP, Product Partnerships and Integrations. “This will help thousands of enterprises connect with billions of consumers.”  

It’s probably the messaging platform your business needs - even if you don't know it yet. Why? Journey Optimizer makes it easy for brands to determine what customer interaction to send next, at any point in the customer journey.

Oh, and then actually send that message, too – no matter what messaging channel you need. That’s where Sinch comes in. Our Conversation API is built-in to the platform, making it your one-stop shop for customer mobile messaging on multiple channels. We like to think of it like a Swiss army knife for messaging - it adapts to any channel you need, all in one easy interface. Thanks to our intelligent message routing, it's the easy way to get started with omnichannel messaging.   

According to Sunil Menon, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Adobe’s Customer Journey products, there's a shift taking place in the communication between customers and brands. Customers want to hear from brands - but on their own terms, on the channels they know and love.  

“We're pleased to partner with Sinch and give Adobe Journey Optimizer customers this capability, via Sinch’s Conversation API," Sunil Menon says.  

Want to learn more about Sinch Conversation API? Check it out here or get in touch with our experts.

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