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SMS Messaging

Send to everyone, connect individually

Use SMS to send personal messages
to customers around the world, right
when they need it.

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  • Enjoy a wider reach

    Just about every person on the planet has a phone. That makes SMS messaging the largest communication channel, hands down! Giving you truly global reach.

  • Gain instant attention

    Send your SMS messages straight into those vibrating pockets! The SMS inbox is the place that people check the most often, usually within seconds of hearing that buzz!

  • Scale with confidence

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a global enterprise or a local startup. Regardless of your size, business SMS products fit all & can easily be scaled as you grow.

  • No faster way to deliver

    Our carrier grade platform serves over 70 operators globally and provides our clients with world class delivery rates and super low SMS latency, every send.

A phone displaying an SMS message on the lock screen


  • 1-Way Coverage
  • 2-Way Coverage
Graphic of the world map displaying Sinch Long Number and Short Code coverage

SMS Messaging Pricing

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  • Global coverage
  • Free test credit
  • Easy to implement REST or SMPP APIs
  • Web-based tool available for non-techies!