Boost brand awareness and transform CX

Bring the look and feel of a chat app to your SMS. Add company name, logo, and link previews!

Increase security and build trust

Keep your customers safe. Top-notch security helps you protect your business - and build customer trust. 

Send engagement levels soaring

Customers love to engage with brands they trust. With the Verified SMS badge, that means you!

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Don't take our word for it. Try it yourself!

We make it easy to build trust with your mobile messaging – no technical know-how needed. Verified SMS is an add-on that we can combine with any Sinch SMS service. We’re happy to take care of the technical integration for you!

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Inspire confidence in your brand

Getting started with Verified SMS is easy. In fact, it just takes 4 easy steps!

1. Provide Sinch with your brand details 

2. Let Sinch take care of activating your sender ID and the service with Google 

3. Confirm your details to Google 

4. Give consent to Sinch to start sending Verified SMS.

Block phishing

Combat data breaches and make communications safer. With Verified SMS, customers can trust that messages are from an approved sender.

Make better first impressions

Be easier on the eye - customers like that. Enrich the user experience with the look and feel of a chat app, no download required.

Authenticate your brand

Authentic messaging is essential for boosting engagement. That’s where branded messaging steps in to save the day!

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Stay compliant, globally

Get the freedom to send messages around the world, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back when it comes to compliance. 

Get valuable insights

Manage campaigns and make informed business decisions based on accurate, real-time delivery reports in our self-serve portal. 

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Got questions? We’ve got answers!

  • What is Verified SMS?

    Verified SMS is an SMS, or text message, featuring a business name, logo, preview link, and a verification badge. It’s an add-on that we can combine with any Sinch SMS service. 

    Verified SMS is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, India, Mexico, Brazil, France, Spain, and the Philippines. 

    RCS-enabled Android phones automatically display verification status and brand profile. 

  • How does Verified SMS work?

    SMS works thanks to Google confirming messages are sent from the brand specified. Every single message sent is checked, without content ever being seen by Google. 

    Once a message is verified, the brand’s name, logo, and a verification mark appear in the message chat. 

    To send verified messages, register your dedicated sender ID with Google. This is a simple process that we can help with.

  • What’s required to send Verified SMS?

    1. Registration of your Sender ID with Sinch and Google – this is a simple process, and we can help you get set up. 

    2. An Android RCS messaging-enabled handset so that end-users can receive your messages.

    Note: Verified SMS is currently only available in select countries – more will follow soon. 

  • Why should I use Verified SMS?

    Businesses are using SMS as a channel to break through the noise and to get closer to their audience, and consumers love it. Sadly, spam and fraud can be an issue. SMS phishing attempts have increased and are getting more difficult to spot, and for brands who’ve worked so hard on building trust with consumers, this is a big issue – enter Verified SMS to save the day! 

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Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


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Rich Media, guided responses, and an app-like experience, all in the users SMS inbox.
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