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Trusted messaging with Verified SMS

Prevent fraud attempts and make your business messaging stand out with Verified SMS

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The Power of Verified SMS

Give customers 100% confidence that an SMS is coming from you - a verified brand

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    Transform customer experience

    With brand assets (name, logo) and preview, Verified SMS brings the look and feel of chat apps to SMS.
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    Increase security and build trust

    Customers can be sure that messages are coming from a verified sender
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    Increase your open and response rates

    Branded SMS provides higher visibility and the verification badge reinforces trust, so your end users are more likely to open and engage
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    Boost brand awareness

    Extend your brand to the text messaging channel and use it in critical customer communications.

What is Verified SMS?

A Verified SMS is an SMS with a business name, logo, and a verification badge plus preview link. Verified SMS brands your mobile messaging and boosts engagement. 

And guess what? It’s an add-on we can combine with any Sinch SMS verification service. Gain security, trust, and end-user confidence without any technical resources needed. We’ll handle the technical integration – for you it’s just smooth sailing.  

Verified SMS is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, India, Mexico, Brazil, France, Spain, and the Philippines.Sinch will be adding more countries soon. Verification status and brand profile are automatically displayed on RCS-enabled Android phones. 

How does Verified SMS work? 

Verified SMS works by checking that Google confirms that messages are sent from a specific brand. Each and every message sent is checked, while message content is never shared with Google. Once the message is verified, the sender’s name, logo, and a verification mark will appear in the user’s message chat. 

To send verified messages, your dedicated sender ID needs to be registered with Google through a simple registration routine. 

Once a business implements Verified SMS, it becomes obvious to recipients when spearfishing scammers try to impersonate the brand. These scam campaigns become easier to spot, either because there is a UI alarm shown on the page, or because the logo is missing altogether. 

If you want to be among the companies getting early access to Verified SMS, sign up for the Beta Program!

Use case examples

Security and brand recognition in high-fraud markets and industries

Example: How banks can enhance security on customer  engagements with SMS

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    Combat data breaches and  fraud attempts
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    Prevent spearfishing campaigns and spam  sent from unauthorised senders 
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    Build trust by verifying your business as a  legitimate sender, making scams easy to spot 
Three mobiles showing what an unverified SMS looks like with a pup-up saying "Couldn't verify the sender of this message"

Richer SMS experiences and increased brand recognition

See how brands can increase brand awareness while building trust and loyalty

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    Extend your brand reach to mobile messaging
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    Enrich the user experience with more visually appealing conversations  
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    Bring the look and feel of a chat app to the SMS inbox – no downloads required 

How to get Google Verified SMS?

Register your interest by signing up for the Beta access now!

Be among the companies getting early access to Verified SMS and start leveraging:

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    Safer business conversations
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    Enhanced user experience
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    Increased brand recognition
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