Businesses face a new reality

-A recent study by Gartner found that 80% of its surveyed companies now expect to compete mainly based on customer experience.
-The accelerating pace of digital transformation presents an ever-increasing range of communication channels, where each option must find its own place in a cohesive customer journey.
-People expect brands to engage with them as individuals, with content that is personalized and tailored to their unique needs and interests. Successful businesses treat their customers as an individual segment of one.

Unless they master and leverage the most relevant and engaging channels, businesses risk a fragmented customer journey and weakened customer engagement. But used well, these same new digital channels can raise ‘Net Promotor Score’, reduce churn, grow revenues and improve operational efficiency. McKinsey has found that businesses who shift their focus from individual touch points to a cohesive view of their overall customer journey, increase customer satisfaction 56 to 117 per cent.

The Sinch advantage

We deliver engagement. Our cloud communications platform reaches 100% of the world’s mobile phones, in seconds or less, through messaging, voice and video. Whether you sign up online to use our easily integrated APIs or contact our team of experts, you can be sure to achieve results without costly or cumbersome integration projects.

Right now, we are reducing churn with 20% for some of the largest US brands and operators. We do that through personalized, immersive video messaging, where our personalization engine creates bespoke video content for each unique customer.

Mobile messaging breaks through the noise like no other channel. The open rate is 98% and 90% of all messages are read within 3 minutes. Since it is so direct and personal, using it carelessly will leave customers unhappy and risk damaging your brand. Used with sophistication, it can dramatically improve overall engagement, reduce churn, lower no show rates, increase read rates, and boost Net Promoter Scores.

This is the power of cloud communications. Leveraging technology to transform the digital brand experience.

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