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Customer Story
AGENT511 harness the power of SMS to send critical notifications to the utilities market.
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Challenge: Identify a communications solution that’s both traceable and scalable

Solution: Trace messages through delivery channels using the power of SMS

Results: A scalable, auditable platform delivering high volume, critical notifications







United States

Specialists in delivering integrated, highly interactive communications platforms for utility companies and emergency services, AGENT511 are a growing company that needed to find a provider that could grow with them, quickly if need be, so scalability was key.

Challenge: Scaling to meet high throughput and regulatory needs

AGENT511 worked through intermediary SMS service providers and struggled with scaling to meet the needs of its larger customers. Their clients specifically needed high-throughput SMS messaging for wide-scale outage and billing communications, as well as two-way contact center services to keep in touch with their end-users. When it comes to communicating mission-critical or regulatory messages, ensuring the message gets through is vital.

Identifying a supplier with the ability to scale was key for AGENT511, but they also needed to make sure there was no compromise on cost-effectiveness, message traceability, and coverage. Keeping tabs on the delivery state of a message is important to AGENT511’s clients – but even more important is the need for message sending to be auditable, and, it’s mandatory for many of its mission-critical public sector contact center customers.

Solution: Capacity, coverage, confirmation, and carrier reach

AGENT511 began its search for a solution by researching and assessing aggregators based on anticipated capacity, carrier reach, and a range of additional resources such as carrier identification and portability database. Sinch was the clear choice, hitting the mark on all counts.

“Standing out against the competition, Sinch’s coverage and scalability, plus blocking and portability tools for carrier reassignment, really made a difference for AGENT511”, commented Jay Malin, Managing Director, “Being priced competitively, and most importantly, offering the ability to trace messages through the delivery channel really tipped the scales in Sinch’s favor.” Jay goes on to say, “When a message is sent, we need to confirm when, and whether it was sent – Sinch provides this for us. Two-way and interactivity are also big differentiators that we’ve been able to take advantage of from the start.”

Results: Powerful SMS backed by world-class support

AGENT511 now enjoys all the benefits that come with Sinch’s integration and Tier 1 network. As Jay Malin comments, “Sinch provided our utility customers with a scalable, auditable platform for delivering high volume, critical pro-active notifications for outage, billing and demand response.”

Besides getting the exact product and service they needed, AGENT511 is particularly impressed with the support that comes as part of the deal from Sinch. Malin concludes, “Good account management and highly professional support helps get to the bottom of issues quickly.

Thanks to high-quality deliverability and low latency, AGENT511 can now rest assured that Sinch has the power to deliver a complete, high-volume traceable, and future rich SMS messaging platform. Combined with the AGENT511 communication platforms, utilities and public safety agencies can enjoy high-availability messaging that keeps end customer informed.

Sinch provided our utility customers with a scalable, auditable platform for delivering high volume, critical pro-active notifications for outage, billing and demand response.
Jay Malin
Managing Director, AGENT511