MMS - Multimedia messaging service

What is an MMS?

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is an extension to Short Message Service (SMS), enabling text messages longer than 160 characters. MMS allows businesses to enrich their messages with compelling multimedia content like images, videos (up to 40 seconds), animations, audio, and more.  


How does Sinch work with MMS? 

From timely reminders and notifications to personal offers and invites, or customer support, our MMS API helps businesses showcase their brand and get noticed with personalized, powerful messages.  

MMS is currently available in the United States only. 


What are the benefits of Sinch’s MMS messaging API? 

Sinch’s MMS API integrates in no time with your existing tools - e.g. your CRM platform - allowing you to use customer data and create custom messages.  

Built with marketers in mind is super easy to use and lets you create compelling campaigns effortlessly 

Oh, and did we mention that Adobe users can send MMS directly from their Adobe account thanks to the MMS Connector? 

Want to find out more about Sinch’s MMS API? Talk to us or try it with free credits! 

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