Application Programmable Interface - API

What is an API?

An Application Programmable Interface (API) is a software intermediary enabling communication between two applications or systems. Businesses can use APIs to easily expand the capabilities of their existing tools.  

Here’s an easy example: every time you use your favorite mobile messaging platform, you’re using an API. 

Programmers on both sides use a standard protocol (called an API specification) to make this connection between the two systems or apps and define what parameters are exchanged. “API” refers to both this protocol and to the service performed when using the API. The main type of API used for SMS is called SMPP, but REST HTTP APIs are also very common. 


How does Sinch work with APIs? 

Sinch offers simple and robust REST APIs that make it easy for any type of businesses to integrate new capabilities into their existing software platforms, for example to automate and streamline customer communications while improving operational efficiency, or to secure customer journeys with quick and easy user verification.  


What are the benefits of using Sinch's APIs? 

Our simple, developer-friendly APIs help businesses better engage with their audience through one or two-way messaging, email, and video and voice calling. Our Verification API, on the other hand, helps you keep your business and customers safe with smooth and secure user authentication.

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