What is throughput?

Throughput is a term used to describe how many messages can be sent per second (or in another given time frame). It’s frequently referred to as TPS (Throughput Per Second). 

For example, a throughput of 10 messages per second suggests an SMS account can submit (and receive an acknowledgement) for up to 10 SMS messages per second.  

Typically, throughput rates are based on the type of sender ID – such as short code, long number, toll-free number, etc. You can increase message throughput by making sure the SMPP/UCP client software you use is set to allow up to 10 pending operations. (This is called the asynchronous window – but that’s another story.)  


Why is throughput important? 

When you consider that network throughput basically means "are my messages being delivered when they should be" - it's pretty obvious why it's important, right? What’s the point of messaging if the message doesn’t get through? 

If you care about quality – and we know you do – then you need to care about throughput. It’s a handy metric which gives you real insight on real-time network performance. 


How does Sinch work with throughput? 

Good news: We’re here to help you optimize your throughput! We’re experts in mobile messaging and have spent decades learning the outs-and-ins. 

For instance, did you know that when using 10DLC, a single use-case or standard campaigns receive higher throughput and lower surcharges than mixed use-case campaigns?  

This is designed to incentivize declaring a single use-case, as this type of campaign provides the greatest transparency for the market. Making sure your campaigns are properly vetted by the carriers and follow all regulations will also help your throughput. Throughput is also affected by the weight of the message being sent, the number of contacts, and the hour of sending.  

There’s a lot to think about – but no matter what kind of messaging campaign you need to do, we’re here for you!

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