If you’re weighing SDKs up against APIs to see which works better for you, it’s not really that straightforward. It’s not a case of choosing one over the other, but rather, how you’ll work with a combination of both. 

An SDK is a set of software building tools that help Developers build applications. Usually it includes code libraries, code samples, tools to test and analyze a product (or app). It also comes with Developer documentation – handy instructions to help the build run smoothly. 

An SDK usually includes an API in it. If it doesn’t, applications won’t work as they should. 

An API helps two platforms ‘speak’ to each other smoothly. It gives third-party developers access to companies’ software to aid integration. An API comes with technical specifications, documentation, and an interface to access the solution. 

An API sets the ground rules for exchanging information and controls how that information is exchanged. 


The importance of SDK vs API 

SDKs and APIs are equally important. They help Developers in different ways while working together to make integration easier. 


How is Sinch involved with SDK vs API 

Sinch offers a range of SDKs and APIs that make integrating SMS, MMS, RCS, voice, video, verification, and a whole host of other products a breeze. Take a look at our product pages [LINK] for more details. 

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