MMS (multimedia message service) and SMS (short message service) have very different applications, so if you’re weighing them up against each other, look to your individual use case for guidance. 

MMS is perfect for putting your brand in the spotlight. Boosting sales and reducing churn come naturally thanks to powerful, rich media formats – images, animation, video, audio, and more. Think coupons, promotions, invites, and campaigns. 

SMS is a messaging workhorse. It really comes into its own for bulk sending or time-sensitive notifications to get a simple message across. Think appointment reminders, pin codes, package delivery updates, and bank balance alerts. 


How is Sinch involved with MMS vs SMS? 

Thanks to our carrier-grade platform and super network of over 600+ direct carrier connections, you can bet we’re really involved in MMS and SMS! 

We take pride in building mobile experiences that count, so if you’re on the hunt for a supplier offering global compliance, smart routing, security, and reliability, we’ve got you covered. 


The benefits of MMS vs SMS 

Your use case will help point you in the right direction on which messaging channel is right for you. Both MMS and SMS have a tonne of benefits and can add value to your business in many different ways. 

Take a look at our product pages and see for yourself which might work best, or drop us a line!

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